A fun puzzle game called “GNOG” is a short game that you will complete in about two hours, but it’s enough to have fun.

Puzzle games are very popular, especially on smartphones in the mobile version. It’s even better if you don’t have to spend too long on it – this is the title “Gnog”. There are no complicated tutorials or rules in it, just a box in which you carry various items to find the solution to the puzzle.

The interesting mechanics, physicality and graphics of the game are the biggest advantage of “Gnog” and a large part of the experience, perhaps that is why some of the most successful digital puzzles are created on devices with a touch interface.

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“GNOG” is a game developed by KoOp studio. It was originally released for PS4 last year, then ported to iOS devices, and recently came out on PC. The gameplay is that the puzzle is a literal character, each with strange faces and a lot of personality. Inside each box is a diorama with a stage that makes these puzzles into little adventure games.

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On one of the levels you will find a spaceship that has been damaged, while inside there is a two-man crew working on its repair. The puzzles will help you solve various damaged parts outside the ship, as well as recover air and food before finally the engine is repaired and you help map the solar system.

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It is this aspect that makes “GNOG” as interesting as it is to play puzzle games. Although it differs from puzzles in that there is a lot of fun in it. A simple game of buttons and ***** in each level brings new entertainment. One puzzle box acts as a music synthesizer, in which each button and **** affects the level soundtrack, changing the pitch or adding new notes and effects. Basically you are able to create your own music.

The game is not difficult to play, but it is so cute and interestingly made that it makes each of the challenges different and very relaxing on those hot days. You can download the game on computers with Windows or macOS (PLN 35.99), Playstation 4 961 PLN) or on iPhone and iPad for PLN 23.99.

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source: The Verge via KOOP


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