All you have to do is install the card game, and you can already be the first part of The Witcher.

  • The first part of The Witcher can be downloaded for free from
  • You need to install Gwent first

It’s never a bad start to a week with a free game: we’ve just been surprised by, as the expanded release of the first episode of Witcher is available for free again for a limited time. The Witcher: Enhanced Edition – There has been a similar action before.

The only condition for the free key is that the card game based on the Witcher universe, Gwent, be attached to your GOG account, so if you haven’t downloaded it before, you can do so here. Once you’re done with that, click here and sign up for the newsletter to get The Witcher: Enhanced Edition for free. Later, of course, Gwent and the newsletter subscription can be deleted, so the game will remain in your libraries.

By the way, Gwent players are doubly good with the action, as a free deck of cards is included with the game key.


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