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Good ideas deserve to be discovered: Meta supports local businesses for the holidays

Good ideas deserve to be discovered: Meta supports local businesses for the holidays

Meta (formerly Facebook) decided to help in this year’s search for gifts and support local businesses that are still struggling with the consequences of the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the latest Christmas campaign, Zuckerberg’s company presents inspiring stories of small and medium-sized companies and encourages them to choose products created by Polish artists and craftsmen. The COVID-19 pandemic has turned out to be a difficult time for small and medium-sized enterprises facing unknown challenges. Some of them closed for good, and those who managed to stay on the market faced a decline in sales and the need to cut jobs. Running an online store and reaching consumers online has become a necessity for most entrepreneurs. The holiday season is a special time when it is worth focusing on local brands and building consumer awareness, because Christmas shopping can have a real impact on the world around us.

In order to inspire the choice of gifts and encourage local entrepreneurs to read the offer, Meta (formerly Facebook Inc.) invited famous internet creators to cooperate. From today, their Instagram profiles will feature catalogs of selected products and companies, which they will also tell about stories.

The first recommendations created by the culinary journalist Małgosia Minta are now available on her profile. On December 1, the catalog of Olga Frycz, actress and owner of the Blueness publishing house, will appear, and on December 6, it is worth looking for the Santa’s list of Katarzyna Czajki-Kominiarczuk, also known as the Pop Culture Animal. On December 9, Rafał Myśliński, who runs his Instagram profile @suchytata, will share his ideas for gifts.

Learn the stories of Polish businesses on the Facebook App

You will also be able to read about the stories of selected brands on the Facebook App page, where even more gift inspirations will appear. One of them is the story of Tartaruga, a Łódź-based weaving workshop that cultivates the tradition started by local manufactories and sewing rooms. Their products include original, hand-made carpets, rugs and tapestries. Jadzia Lenart and Wiktoria Podolec, the founders of the company, apart from creating unusual wall decorations, organize workshops for all lovers of craftsmanship who want to try their hand at weaving on a loom.

On Facebook and Instagram you can also find other companies whose products are perfect for a Christmas gift. One of them is Honey od Kulma – a local apiary run by Andrzej Kulma in the Cybina Valley. Inspired by the story of his grandfather, who also devoted his life to beekeeping, he decided to create a modern farm that puts the care of bees in the first place.

Support for local businesses

Meta has been actively supporting small and medium-sized enterprises for years – it encourages consumers to choose their products and provides tools and training to facilitate online business. This year’s edition of the presenter with the participation of Polish small and medium-sized companies is the second edition of the project. Last year, we were able to meet, among others, such businesses as Plantule, Alchemia Sznurka, Atelier Mchu, There Is No More or The Organs.

You can read about other inspiring stories of local enterprises on the Facebook App page and find them on Instagram under the hashtags #NaszWspolnyBiznes and #ZaslugujaNaOdkrzenie.

source: Meta Polska