Data rates are still a state issue for many users. Little by little the different operators are expanding the number of GB available so that we do not have to reach the end of the month without using the low speed connection, which hardly allows us to share videos, photos or even GIFs. The unlimited rates that became fashionable in the United States with the boom of smartphones They did not take long to be limited due to excessive use that some users made of them. So if there is currently one in the United States, I highly doubt that they will reach any other country.

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Currently the Apple application store allows us to download applications from its store through our mobile rate as long as it does not exceed 100 MB. If it exceeds that amount of MB, it automatically does not allow us to download it until we reach a Wi-Fi connection. On the contrary, Google Play Store did allow you to download applications or games that exceed this capacity, with prior notice. But it seems that the guys at google want us to take care of our data rate and it is implementing a new option that allows us to select whether or not we want to download an application that we buy, regardless of its size.

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Logically, when I am interested in downloading an application through mobile data it is because I need if or if at that moment and I think that will also be your case. But Google knows that not all users are aware of this and to help those who complain bitterly about their poor data connection it has implemented this new feature. At the moment it is geographically limited and to a few users, but as it expands, every time we access the Play Store and want to download an App, our terminal will show us a message in which it will inform us of the size of the app, if we want download with the data or even if we want to establish a WiFi connection to download it without using our data.

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If we do not have a nearby Wi-Fi connection, we can configure the device to download the first time it reaches a stable Wi-Fi connectionIn this way, we will not have to remember later on having to download the app that we needed at a certain moment or that they have recommended us or that we simply want to browse.


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