Starting today, Halo 3 will be automatically updated at the start of the game. After the patch has been downloaded, there is a chance that your first few online matches will be a bit slow and laggy. That’s due to recalibrating your server history. The advantage of this is that after you have played those few games, you will encounter much less lag than before the patch. Furthermore, Bungie promises the following changes in the patch:

  • Melee contests have been rebalanced
  • Dying while performing a melee or weapon lunge will no longer accelerate the dead player
  • The Elite Commando shoulder armor variant has been unlocked for all players
  • Improved the “Prefer Good Connection” option
  • Added backend hopper support for DLC custom game variants
  • Fixed a problem with the Theater when a player tried to view a saved film for a DLC map he or she doesn’t own
  • Fixed a UI error in the Theater when a party leader selects a film that is invalid for a party client
  • Fixed a bug that under rare conditions could allow a BXB sequence
  • Fixed a Dirty Disc Error that could occur when loading the same DLC map twice in a row
  • Added a visible version string to the Halo 3 main menu
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So what are you still here? Download the patch and enjoy the improved and smoothed gameplay.

Halo 3 logically picks up where the story of part two left off. Master Chief returns from his journey, while a massive war is still raging between the human race, the Covenant and the Flood. Cortana’s famous voice speaks in trailers of “the end of the earth” as the war draws to a dramatic end.

The Brutes will be equipped with Spike Grenades and Spike Rifles. The Spike Grenades promise much disaster, which is music to the ears of many. When these grenades explode, several sharp projectiles will fly around. Of course this sounds like a normal grenade, but what makes them so special is that they can stick to walls. Another new weapon is the new Spartan Laser. This weapon will be very difficult to master, but on a critical hit, this toy can take out a vehicle in one go.

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Halo 3’s multiplayer will of course include a load of new maps. Examples of these are Valhalla, Snowbound and High Ground which can be compared to the maps Blood Gulch, Zanzibar and Frostbite. New in multiplayer will be the ‘Mancannon’; the tool to transport you quickly. Clearly visible in various trailers is the original lighting with HDR effects and beautiful shadows and reflections. According to the makers, the environment can be displayed considerably larger, so that you can see further into the distance. It is clear that this first Halo title on the Xbox 360 is going to be an incredible visual experience.

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Halo 3 has now been released for the Xbox 360.


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