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High online penetration in all age groups

High online penetration in all age groups

The Online Research Working Group (AGOF) presents new figures on online user structures as part of its comprehensive market media study “Internet facts 2010-IV”. A comparison of the age structures of internet users and non-internet users shows that the internet is used intensively across generations. With over 95 percent Internet users, the young age groups of 14 to 29 year olds can be found almost entirely online. 92.8 percent of 30 to 39 year olds are online, 86.3 percent of 40 to 49 year olds and around 73 percent of 50 to 59 year olds. More than a third of those over 60 (36.1 percent) are already online.

The current publication shows reach and structure data for 716 online advertising media and 3 731 booking units with a new high. The reporting period is from October to December 2010. With a reach of 24.49 million unique users per month (48.6 percent), T-Online is in first place in terms of offers, followed by Ebay (46.9 percent) and the web. de (33.6 percent). Gutefrage.net (28.5 percent) and Yahoo Germany (28.4 percent) took fourth and fifth place. Among the marketers, Interactivemedia leads with 31.24 million unique users per month (62.0 percent) ahead of Tomorrow Fokus Media (60.6 percent) and Sevenone Media (55.5 percent). This was followed by IP Deutschland (53.3 percent) and United Internet Media (51.4 percent). The reach of the overall offers is based on the data collected by ma Online in accordance with the ag.ma committees and published by the Media Analysis Working Group (ag.ma).

According to the Internet facts 2010-IV, the Internet in Germany had a reach of 73 percent during the reporting period: 51.52 million people were online in the fourth quarter of 2010 (73.4 percent of the German-speaking resident population in Germany aged 14 and over). This means that online penetration is steadily approaching the 75 percent mark in the population. At the same time, the user experience of online users is increasing: 78.2 percent of Internet users have been online for more than three years, which corresponds to 39.43 million people. The Internet has meanwhile established itself not only in all age groups, but also in all areas of life, as the range of applications used online shows: According to Internet facts 2010-IV, 88.7 percent of Internet users (44.71 million people) come first ) the sending and receiving of private e-mails remained unchanged, followed by research in search engines or web catalogs (83.2 percent). For 67.8 percent of online users, e-commerce offerings are next, other main areas of use are news about world events, weather information, regional or local news and online banking.

And the Internet is also a natural part of information and consumption: With a share of 97 percent, which corresponds to 48.91 million people, virtually all Internet users inform themselves about products online. And a total of 86 percent of them would have bought products online in the past twelve months. The most popular are books, followed by tickets for the cinema, theater, classical concerts, pop concerts or sporting events, music CDs, hotel bookings and women’s clothing. The data from the Internet facts 2010-IV are now available in the AGOF evaluation and planning program TOP for media planning. The detailed report with a short summary and the study profile can be found at the following Internet address.