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Honor 7 Lite makes its debut on the Polish market

Honor 7 Lite makes its debut on the Polish market

Honor 7 Lite, the latest smartphone model produced by Huawei, will be launched in July on the Polish market.

It is a very efficient, designer device with a modern fingerprint reader. Honor 7 Lite has also been equipped with professional photo modes, so it will be the perfect companion on holiday journeys.

Honor is a leading brand of smartphones manufactured by Huawei Technologies’ Consumer Business Group. In line with its slogan “honor for the brave”, the brand was created to meet the needs of the digital age with mobile optimized products that offer users a better experience, inspire to act, support creativity and make the dreams of young people come true.

The latest technological solutions

The heart of Honor 7 Lite is the eight-core Hisilicon Kirin 650 processor with a 16 nm chipset made in FinFET technology. This innovative, world-leading solution increases the efficiency of a smartphone by up to 60 percent. Honor 7 Lite is supported by the third generation i5 coprocessor and 2GB of RAM memory, which guarantee efficient operation of the device – almost 1.5 days of continuous use. The smartphone works in version 6.0 Marshmallow of the Android system with the EMUI 4.1 interface.

It makes an impression

The designers working on the Honor 7 Lite wanted its appearance to resemble the paths of shooting stars. It has an aluminum silver casing whose arc was inspired by the radian measure. The smartphone displays 16 million colors on a 5.2-inch screen. All data is protected by the latest generation fingerprint reader. Huawei Fingerprint 2.0 has completely new functions: a gentle press makes the front camera take a photo, a longer one is to receive an incoming call, and dragging down or up activates the notification screen.

Great photos

The new smartphone from the Honor series is also two excellent quality cameras. The front, 8 Mpx, is perfect for taking selfie photos. It has been equipped with a special beauty mode and ISP technology (SLR Level Prime ISP). It helps to adjust the dynamics and sharpness of the image, which guarantees a much better quality of the photos taken. The main 13 Mpx camera with f / 2.0 aperture and 75 ° angle of view is supported by ImageSmart Engine 2.0 technology. Thanks to this, the photos will be of very good quality even in poor lighting conditions. In addition, the new Honor 7 Lite is perfect for advanced photographers. A special professional mode allows you to set the ISO sensitivity, shutter and exposure time, the focus plane, white balance or use the photometric mode. The camera is also equipped with panorama, HDR and time-lapse modes.

Technical specifications of Honor 7 Lite

Availability and price

The Honor 7 Lite model will appear on the Polish market in July in the best showrooms for PLN 1099. Sales in operator channels are also planned. The first color versions are silver and gray.

source: press release