The Italian translations of video games do not drive you crazy and that of Fortnite, which you recently downloaded to yours PlayStation 4, unfortunately it is no exception. Therefore, you would like to change the language of the famous battle royale produced by Epic Games but, having little familiarity with the latter, you do not know how to do it. Did I guess? Well, then know that you’ve come to the right place at the right time.

In fact, in today’s guide I’ll explain how to change language on Fortnite PS4 in order to translate the game into various languages. As a final result, you will be able to play the Epic Games title in the language you prefer and, if you are interested in it, you will be able to follow the same procedure for the tradition of other PlayStation 4 games.

The procedure is very easy to follow and has no side effects, neither on saves nor on your account. So what are you waiting for to start? Take five minutes of free time, carefully read the instructions I am about to give you and try to put them into practice to understand how to improve your experience on Fortnite by setting the best language according to your needs. There is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading and have fun!


  • Change language on Fortnite PS4
  • In case of second thoughts
  • In case of doubts or problems

Change language on Fortnite PS4

Epic Games has not yet implemented a native feature for change language in Fortnite for PS4, but you can do this using the console operating system.

Sony, in fact, makes available to users the ability to change the language of the PlayStation 4, going to consequently change that of the games. Don’t worry: the instructions to follow are extremely simple and I’m here to explain them to you in detail.

To change the language of the PS4 (an operation which, I remind you, will make all the console menus translated into the chosen language), go to toolbar top and press the button X controller above the icon Settings. Then, scroll down the screen that opens and select the item Tongue.

Now, press the button X of the controller above the writing System language and select the language you want to set up on Fortnite, for example English (United Kingdom).

Perfect: now, to play Fortnite in your chosen language, all you have to do is go back to the PlayStation 4 main screen and start the game. If by any chance you need more information on how to play Fortnite, please consult the guide that I have dedicated specifically to the game.

In case of second thoughts

How do you say? You no longer want to play Fortnite in another language and you want return to Italian? No problem, you just have to do the opposite procedure to the one you find described in the chapter on how to change the language on Fortnite PS4. So take five minutes of free time and follow the brief instructions below (think for a PS4 with menus translated into English).

First, go to the toolbar top and press the button X controller above the icon Settings. Then, scroll down the screen that appears and select the writing Language. Now you just have to press the button X of the controller above the writing System Language and select theItalian from the list of available languages.

Perfect: now you have your console in Italian again and you can go back to playing Fortnite in this language. As already mentioned in the opening of the post, all game data, saves and anything else will remain in place.

In case of doubts or problems

If you have encountered problems in the language change procedure of your PlayStation 4, you can contact the service center Sony official. This service provides users with a portal and many operators who are always ready to try to solve your needs. Not sure how to access Sony’s service center? No problem: now I’ll explain how to do it.

The first step you need to take is to connect to the official Sony support site and write, in the appropriate bar at the bottom, what is the problem you have encountered. The portal will tell you if you can solve the situation yourself or if you need to contact a specialized operator.

In the latter case, write “Change language ps4” in search bar present below, come on Enter and follow the instructions on the site: you should be able to solve the problem. In case you are unable to fix everything yourself, scroll down the page and select the button Call us present below: you will be given the number of the assistance center and the time in which it is active.

Perfect, now you just have to do the call and explain the problem to the operator, who should help you deal with the situation.


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