Page shows vehicle as ‘big people’s toy’

As part of the campaign to publicize the New Honda CR-V, F/Nazca created a website full of interactive news that allow the user to try out the main tools and news about the car. The site’s idea is the natural development of the campaign’s concept, which defines the New CR-V as a “grown-up toy”.

In a room, the user has the possibility to “play” a little with the car, navigating in a traditional way, using the keyboard, or opting for a more daring navigation, which turns the iPhone or iPad into a joystick, and the website, in a new experience.

The extension of this experience to mobile devices is done through pairing. The user who chooses to browse through these devices is taken to, where the device is enabled. From then on, just explore the room, with visual feedback on the gadget’s screen.


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