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How to download paid apps for free on iPhone

How to download paid apps for free on iPhone

A friend of yours told you about the possibility of download paid apps for free on iPhone connecting the phone to the computer or visiting some sites suitable for the purpose? I’m sorry, but he couldn’t have given you a worse “tip”! Systems such as those described above exist but, almost needless to say, they are illegal, dangerous (as, not infrequently, the apps downloaded using these methods contain malware) and “immoral”, since they damage the work that app developers and games they make with so much effort.

If you have found an app or game that you like a lot but feel that its price is too high, you can arm yourself with patience and wait for it to be put on sale. How do you say? Don’t want to visit your iPhone’s App Store every day and see if the apps you care about have suffered a price drop? Don’t worry, you don’t have to!

To find out if the apps (or games) of your interest have suffered a price drop, you can rely on applications or specialized sites, which allow you to monitor the prices of the iOS App Store and find out when apps and games are put. discounted or even become free for limited periods of time. Here are some of the best: use them and you won’t miss a single discount!


Apple Store

One way to download paid apps for free on iPhone is to contact the official application ofApple Store. The latter, in fact, in addition to offering the possibility to purchase products through the Apple Store online, often offers free downloads of apps and games that were previously paid. Promotions run for a limited time, so hurry up!

To download the official Apple Store app on your iPhone, visit this link from iOS, press the button Get / Install and verify your identity through Touch ID, Face ID or entering the password Apple ID. Then start the application and scroll its home screen all the way down: if there are any apps or games in promotion, you will find them reported there.

To proceed with the download, tap on the appropriate item (eg. Free download), confirm the operation by pressing on the buttons Free download And Continues present in the screen that opens, verify your identity through Touch ID, Face ID or entering the password Apple ID (if required) and start downloading the app by selecting the item Use the code located at the top right (the content is redeemed via a promo code, similar to that of iTunes gift cards).

At the end of the download, the app will normally be available on the iOS home screen, ready to be started and used: happy?


Among the solutions that I recommend you to consider, there is also appsFree: it is a free application that offers a series of news related to the technological world plus – the one that interests you mainly – short reviews of paid apps that are made available at no cost on the App Store.

To use appsGratis, all you have to do is download its official application from the App Store by visiting this link and start it. At this point, refuse the receipt of notifications (if you activate them, you will receive notifications relating to the articles published in the app, which only in a few cases will concern the discounts available on the App Store), press the icon with the four squares located at the top left and select the item Apps & Games from the menu that appears on the side.

In this way, you will see the list of all the articles dedicated to the apps available for free download on the App Store. To download one of these, select its name within appsGratis, scroll the page that opens up and down and press the button Click here to download the Free App. Then complete the download as normal via the Apple App Store.


AppAdvice, which on the App Store can be found under the name of Apps Gone Free & Daily Tips, is an application that, in a similar way to the solutions mentioned above, allows you to discover ongoing promotions on the App Store and download paid apps for free on the iPhone.

After getting it from this page of the App Store, start it, choose whether or not to receive notifications from him, presses on the voice Skip intro (bottom right) to bypass its initial presentation and choose the language in which you want to use the app (English, unfortunately Italian is not available).

Perfect: now you just have to scroll through the home page of the app with the list of applications and games available for free download, select the ones you are interested in and proceed with their download by pressing the button Download from the App Store present on the page that opens.

You will be sent back to the Apple App Store, where you can download the app or game you normally select, then pressing the button Get / Install and verifying your identity through Touch ID, Face ID or entering the password Apple ID. Easier than that ?!

Other solutions to download paid apps for free on iPhone

If the solutions I’ve reported so far didn’t seem like enough, here are a couple more that, I’m convinced, could help you download free paid apps on iPhone.