Who knows how much time you spent playing the PS4: alone, online, with friends. You now have countless hours of gameplay, trophies and achievements unlocked in each title. Now, however, your console has started to give some problems, or you no longer have time to play it and are looking for clarifications on what to do.

Before switching to a new console model or reselling your PS4 online or to a friend, do you need to reset it, in order to wipe your data, restore it to the factory state, and attempt to fix any issues you encounter on it? How do you say? Don’t have the slightest idea how to accomplish such a task? Do not worry: today I am here to provide you with the best solution for you.

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In this guide, in fact, I will explain to you how to reset the PS4 acting in various ways. In particular, I will show you how to perform a complete reset of the console and how to intervene only on some components in particular, including the controller or account associated with it. I assure you that this is really a no-brainer, so let’s not waste any more time chatting and get to the action right away!


  • Preliminary information
  • PS4 reset
  • Reset PS4 controller
  • Reset PS4 account

Preliminary information

First of all, you must try to focus on the reason that pushes you to reset your PS4: if your console or your games seem to “spin” excessively slow, you have critical problems or you want to delete all the data present. on your console before reselling or disposing of it, the PS4 reset it is certainly the correct operation to perform.

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If, on the other hand, you have problems using the controller in games or navigating menus and applications, you can take an alternative route, which will allow you to reset the controller without heavily intervening on your PS4.

Again, if your intent is to disconnect your account, to deactivate any association with the PS4, you can opt for a PS4 account reset. Identify well the reasons that are pushing you to follow this tutorial and put into practice the solution that suits you best: everything is explained below.

PS4 reset

To run the PS4 reset, you can proceed in two different ways: you can restore the default settings or erase the PS4.

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If you want to restore the settings of the system software currently in use to the factory conditions, go to Settings, which you can easily identify with a briefcase icon. When you are in the settings, use the menu navigation, through your controller, to select the item first Initialization and then the function Restore default settings.

All you have to do now is follow the instructions displayed on the screen of the TV or monitor to which the PS4 is connected to finish the procedure. I also remind you that the restore is an irreversible operation and that the console will not have to be turned off while performing the restore to avoid potential damage.

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If, on the other hand, you want a more complete reset, which is not limited only to restoring the settings but also takes care of the complete deletion of data, you will have to choose system initialization.

By initializing the PS4, you will reset all settings to their default values ​​and delete all data stored on the console, including all users and their data. To proceed, go back to Settings, select Initialization, so, Initialize the PS4.

To finish the procedure, all you have to do is follow the instructions that will be displayed on the screen. Also remember that this procedure deletes all settings and all stored data, so proceed with caution and evaluate the situation well before acting, as you will not be able to recover them. As in the previous case, to avoid potential damage to the system, you will not have to turn off the console during the initialization operations.

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I conclude by reassuring you about any USB devices, such as pen drives or external hard drives, connected to your console: they will not be affected by the reset and therefore will not undergo any formatting.

When the initialization is complete, you will have to repeat the initial setup procedure and, when prompted, you can decide to log in to the PS4 console with the same account you used previously, in order to retrieve your saved game progress and use the associated services.

Reset PS4 controller

If your controller has any problems, such as a delay in communication or a loss of connection, and you are sure that the cause is not a low battery level, you can proceed with the PS4 controller reset.

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Get a pointed object, such as a pin or toothpick, and turn the controller face down. In the upper right part, just below the button L2 and immediately to the left of the assembly *****, you will find a small hole, which houses the button inside reset.

After making sure that the PS4 console is off, introduce the pointed object you have chosen into the hole, so as to press and hold the reset button for a few seconds.

Once this is done, in order to be able to use your controller wirelessly again, you will need to pair it with your PS4 console. The operation is very simple: turn the PS4 back on, then connect the controller to the console through the USB cable. Perfect – your controller has been reset and is now paired with the PS4 again.

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Reset PS4 account

If your goal is to delete your account from the PS4, to disconnect and deactivate all the services associated with it, proceed with a reset your account.

The operation is divided into two phases: the first is the deactivation of the system, through which you can deactivate the applications downloaded from the PlayStation Store and the services included within your subscription, including PlayStation Plus. It is important to carry out this operation before sell or dispose of your PS4.

To proceed with the deactivation of the system, go to Settings (identified by the icon representing a briefcase), select Account management, so Activate as your primary PS4 and finally, Deactivate.

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Even if you have deactivated the PS4 system from your account, inhibiting access to a large portion of the services and making it possible to activate a new PS4 system for your account, your account is still present within the console. In order to get out, you have to go back to the Settings, to select Account management, so Go out.

If you now want to log in using another account, just go to Settings, to select Account management, so Log in. After entering your login ID and password, confirm via the button Log in. Once logged in, you will remain logged in until you decide to log out manually, in the manner I have just described.

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To activate the PS4 system as a primary with your new account, you will need to go to Settings, Account Management, then select Activate as your primary PS4 and finally, Activate, to confirm: in this way, you will be able to return to using the applications that can be purchased from the PlayStation Store and take advantage of the benefits associated with your PlayStation Plus subscription. Very well, your gaming experience is saved!


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