You are a huge fan of FIFA, Electronic Arts’ acclaimed football video game series, and you’re building your squad on Ultimate Team, the iconic online mode that attracts millions of players from around the world. You have realized, however, that you do not have a team capable of rivaling those of your opponents, you would need grafts but, unfortunately, the resources are scarce.

Tell me, have you ever heard of the technique of sniping? No? Then let’s fix it right away, because it could be the solution to your problems! With sniping, in fact, you can buy players at the lowest possible price and then, eventually, resell them making excellent capital gains. To find out more, keep reading: in today’s tutorial, in fact, I’ll show you in detail how to sniper on FIFA taking into consideration both the PC and console game and the Web App.

Courage: why are you still standing there motionless in front of the screen? Want to start building your dream team on Ultimate Team? In my opinion yes, since you have come this far, you are reading this tutorial with interest and you seem particularly motivated in wanting to reach your goal. Come on then, all you have to do is take a few minutes of free time and follow the quick instructions below. That said, there is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading and have fun!


  • Preliminary information
  • How to sniper on FIFA
  • How to sniper on FIFA Web App

Preliminary information

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to sniper on FIFA, I think you might be interested in learning more about this technique.

Well, it sniping it consists, in simple terms, of monitoring the modality market Ultimate Team of FIFA and buy the players at lowest possible price, perhaps reselling them immediately to a higher price in order to earn credits. Said this way it may seem trivial, but this is exactly what it is about.

In fact, i values ​​of the players are constantly changing and therefore many users are not aware of current ratings. This means that surely there will be someone who will be selling a footballer to a lowest price than normal and there it’s up to you to be quick to buy it, taking home a good deal.

Often the best “bargains” occur when there are some Squad Building Challenges (SBC), that is the “modality” that requires you to create a squad with various stats and then rewards the player with gods packages. In this case, buying a player for a low price can lead to huge benefits and is not that difficult.

Clearly, snipers take the average value on the market of the players and start right from there to go down and take the players home at the lowest possible price. Later, of course, these players can be sold at higher prices to get credits in a short time.

Sniping moles is also very important right moments, for example, many recommend trying to do it during weekend, when there are multiple people connected, or when i are assigned awards, for example, of the Weekend League (or similar events) and therefore users are more likely to put players up for sale.

To find the players to sniper, I suggest you do a simple search on Google (eg. “players to sniper FIFA 20 December 2019“). Unfortunately, I cannot be more precise with my indications, since the best players to implement this technique change from period to period.

How to sniper on FIFA

After explaining to you in detail what sniping is, I would say that you are ready to go ahead and start making some good deals.

Once you have started the game on your platform and logged into Ultimate Team, go to the card TRANSFERS and select the box MARKET. At this point, use the options that appear on the screen to find the player you want to buy. You can simply enter the name of the player or look for it through the classics filters, from role to understanding style, passing through championship And club.

Once you have found the player, select the item Search for present at the bottom (eg the triangle button on PS4). In this way, all the cards for sale related to your player. Select one and press on the item Compare price (e.g. the square button on PS4). Several players will appear on the screen, make a note of the value Buy now lower among those present. This will be your starting point.

Now, go back to the video screen TRANSFERS, in the section MARKET, select the again player above and set the option Massimo Buy Now on the value you noted earlier. This way, you will start buying players from lowest price and you will be able to see if someone is selling the cards at a lower credit cost than the market standard.

You may also want to set the Minimum Buy Now at about 20% less than the maximum and from there then try to go down to see the lower price. Limit the price range it can help you complete your search faster and make the player yours before other users buy it.

I also recommend that you set the Maximum price to 11,000,000 and to do it to increase a little ad every search. This allows the game to “update” the list more quickly. You may have to search for the same price many times, as you have to wait for someone to sell the player at that cost.

Once you have found the right offer, all you have to do is simply press on paper involved and select the item Buy now. After that, if you want to sell the player, you have to press on the writing Put transfers on the market (e.g. the square button on PS4), select the price Buy now and press on Put on the Transfer Market.

Clearly, I recommend that you set the cost to which you had found the player initially, in order to still be able to sell the card e earn credits.

Also be careful to set a Initial price that is higher than the one you bought the player for, so as to avoid nasty surprises. I also remind you that the 5% of credits resulting from the sale, so do your math well.

How to sniper on FIFA Web App

The directions for sniping from the FIFA Web App they are very similar to those illustrated in the previous chapter, however there are some differences to take into account: I’ll explain, therefore, how to proceed better.

The first thing you need to do is connect to the Web App site, press the button Login and log in with yours EA account, inserting theemail address and the password and pressing the button Log In. If you do not have a profile of this type available, you can press on the item Create your EA account and complete the module required. For all the details of the case, I recommend that you consult my tutorial on how to create an EA account.

Once logged in, you can set up the Italian language, by pressing ongear icon at the bottom left and selecting the item first Select Language and then that Italian. At this point, to search for players, just click on the icon TRANSFERS which is on the left and press on the box SEARCH THE MARKET.

Now you can do all the searches of the case through the tools that appear on the screen. The search features are the same as always, since quality to role, passing through understanding style, Nationality, championship And club. At the top there is also a search bar to find the player through his first name. The field you are interested in to sniper is clearly that PRICE BUY NOW, since you can use it to find the player involved in the lowest possible price.

To give you a concrete example, if you are interested in buying Sissoko, a player who is usually in high demand among FIFA players, just type “sissoko” in search bar at the top, select the result relevant and press the button Search for located at the bottom right.

At this point, analyze the search results and make a note of the lowest price that you find in the field Buy now (e.g. 5000 credits). Now, click on the icon TRANSFERS present on the left, go back to SEARCH THE MARKET and type “sissoko” in search bar, selecting the result most relevant.

The time has come to start “playing” with the minimum and the maximum of the PRICE BUY NOW. Do you know that Sissoko can be sold around to 5000 credits, then you will go and look for it at a lower price. Then press the button + bringing value Max to 5000 and that Min at least 4000 credits (usually it is good to bet on a range of 20% approximately).

Remember to set the Maximum price to a any value (that is allowed) and to do so to increase at each Research, in order to allow the game to “refresh” the list. Then press the button Search for to see if anyone has actually put Sissoko up for sale at a lower price than its value. Do not give up immediately before raising the prices, it may take several minutes of research to find some results.

Once found Sissoko to a price less than 5000 credits, try to do as fast as you can to buy it before someone else does. Just press the button first Buy now, which is on the right, and then up OK, to complete the transaction. Perfect, now you can choose whether to keep the player purchased at the lowest price or if resell it for the “Buy Now” price you set as maximum (5000 credits), in order to generate income without too much effort.

To list a player, just click on the icon CLUB present on the left, press on the box PLAYERS, select the football player involved and press on the item Send to transfers. Now, click on the icon TRANSFERS located on the left and select the box TRANSFER LIST.

You just have to press on the voice Put on the market, select the selling price (Buy now) and wait for someone to buy the player. Also be careful to select a Initial price higher than what you bought the player for and also keep in mind that the 5% of credits resulting from the sale are “withheld”. For more details on Ultimate Team transactions, I recommend that you consult the EA guidelines.

In short, now you have all the necessary information to be able to take you home i best FIFA players at affordable prices. I remind you, though, who FIFA is a game in constant evolution and that the developers could update it at any moment.

Since you are interested in FIFA, I also recommend that you consult my tutorials on how to get free FIFA coins and how to buy expiring players in FIFA (Career mode).


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