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Humor, action, psychedelic – Polish trailer for “Psychonauts 2”

Humor, action, psychedelic – Polish trailer for “Psychonauts 2”

Watch the newest feature trailer of the game, in Polish, entitled “Psychonauts 2”, which will debut on the XSX | S consoles on August 25.

It’s time to unveil the story and gameplay of Psychonauts 2. We are just over a month away from the premiere of the second part of the adventures of Raza and Co., by Double Fine Productions. The adventure platformer, filled to the brim with humor, will debut on August 25, 2021 with a specially prepared version for XSX | S consoles, allowing you to play at 120 fps. A solid dose of puzzles, exploration, as well as surrealism and crazy pace await fans of puzzles – all available in the Xbox Game Pass for consoles and PC on the day of its premiere.

Psychonauts 2 is a continuation of the adventures of Raza, well-known from the first installment of 2005. What to expect from the sequel? From the technical side, it’s graphics at the 4K level, improved mechanics, and above all, the ability to play at 120 fps.

In turn, the story of the “two” begins when the main character fulfills his dream and joins a team like him, with extraordinary skills. Arriving at Psychonauts’ headquarters, Raz learns that the team is in danger. Her opponents are trying to resurrect the dead Maligula, a powerful medium and serial killer all rolled into one. The task of the players will be to find the allies of the main antagonist using the special ability to penetrate the minds of others that Raz has.

The trailer shows many strange locations – all in cinematic, colorful three-dimensional graphics. In addition to the main mission, which is to prevent the destruction of the Psychonauts agency, the production offers a lot of secrets and collectibles. The whole thing is kept in an acrobatic style, typical of the best arcade games. This is best seen in the combat system, full of acrobatics. In turn, the plot of the game is enriched with a unique humor – balancing the concentration necessary when solving subsequent puzzles.

The second recruitment for the Psychonauts agency begins on August 25, 2021 as part of the Xbox Game Pass (consoles, PC). This is the best time for a new job with Razputin Aquato (for Raz’s friends) and company.

source: Xbox Poland