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iPad: Apple tablet stirs up hope for publishers

iPad: Apple tablet stirs up hope for publishers

With the iPad, Apple presented its long-awaited Apple tablet on Wednesday evening. The user interface and design of the 9.7-inch device are based heavily on the iPhone. This suggests that, similar to the boost in mobile applications from the iPhone, the iPad could also fuel the electronic use of e-books and electronic magazines.

The print media have at least high hopes for paid content in the Apple tablet. With the new device, the newspaper industry wants to compensate for what has long been overslept in terms of paid content on the web. Almost all media made their content freely available on the Internet and at the same time had to accept a decline among their paying customers. The tablet could now open up new opportunities to distribute content for a fee.

The often criticized reading comfort could benefit that. The almost three times as large multi-touch screen, measured on the iPhone, promises more flexible use of the device – for example as a high-quality e-book reader, media player, game console or to edit documents with a ten-finger system on the virtual keyboard. Telephoning is not intended on the device.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the tablet as a new device category that bridges the gap between smartphones such as the iPhone and notebooks. “It has to be handier and more intimate than a notebook, but far more powerful than a smartphone,” said Jobs, outlining the requirements for such a device. With a thickness of just 1.27 centimeters and a weight of 0.68 kilograms, the device has turned out to be correspondingly handy.

The iPad application developed by the New York Times showed what is possible in this area through the combination of display technology, web connection and the 1.0 GHz processor chip manufactured by Apple itself. Touted as the newspaper of the future, users get digital news articles in a newspaper-like format, but with multimedia content such as embedded videos and zoomable photos. pte / cth