Check how the “Dozen” differs from the previous models and why it is definitely worth investing in this device with the apple logo!

Apple brand smartphones are described as reliable. The advantages also include: extremely comfortable use, smooth operation and safety they provide for the user. Even more is offered by the iPhone 12 version.

Apple iPhone 12 – does it look different from its predecessor?

At first glance, is the iPhone 12 different from its older brother? Yes, but not much. It is enough to compare it with “eleven”. Both are slim, light, elegant and narrow. Besides, they have the same frameless display (6.1 ”).

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The 2020 model got a slightly refreshed design, primarily flat side frames with sharply cut sides. In addition, it is a bit lower, a bit narrower, and also thinner and lighter. These seem to be cosmetic changes, but the iPhone 12 is actually even more handy, discreet and practical. The biggest revolution is the aforementioned weight reduction. It is true that the new smartphone from Apple “lost” only 32 g, but this means that it weighs only 162 g! You won’t even feel it in your pocket or purse.

This device from Apple is also an excellent Super Retina XDR display, OLED with HDR, in an excellent resolution of 2532 × 1170 pixels. What else? The screen changed. You get a triple protective layer of Ceramic Shield, so you don’t have to worry about accidental breakage. It takes tremendous force to break the screen. The water resistance parameters of this model are also much better. He passed the 30-minute test at a maximum depth of 6 m. We don’t have to tell you that it’s really a lot!

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What can the iPhone 12 series do?

The Apple iPhone 12 convinces itself, however, not only with its outstanding durability, but also with modern, even innovative functions and equipment. Let’s start with the camera, which for many users is the most important element of the phone. The “Twelve” is equipped with HDR Dolby Vision, which has a frequency of up to 30 fps when recording video. Generation 3 HDR will help you take great photos.

Let’s look even deeper: the processor. Chip A14 Bionic (in model 11 we had A13 Bionic) allows you to optimize energy consumption and even faster and smoother operation. Thanks to this, you can play up to 11 hours of video on a single charge.

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Gadgets and fans of technological innovations will surely be pleased with the MagSafe system, i.e. magnetic charging. The charger sticks to the back of the phone and replenishes its energy quickly. Besides, you can also use it to charge your headphones.

IPhone 12 colors

The “Dozen” is a good solution if you are bored with popular, standard color versions. iPhone 12 is available in 6 different colors. The most interesting colors of the iPhone 12 include red, mint green and purple. The blue phone also looks great. However, if you prefer the classics, be sure to choose white or black.

The family of the “twelve”

What other models will you find in the “Dozen” family? In addition to the original model, you also have a mini version with a 5.4 ”display at your disposal. Both options have 2 lenses and a 2x optical zoom. However, if you want more, go for the iPhone 12 Pro with a resolution of 6.1 ”. There are as many as three lenses – in addition to the ultra-wide and wide-angle also a telephoto lens – and also a fourfold optical zoom and a LiDAR scanner. iPhone 12 Pro Max is the Pro version, but with a resolution of 6.7 ”.

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Are you wondering if it’s a good idea to buy an iPhone 12? Certainly, if you only use the described functionalities and the indicated properties. Apple’s “Dozen” is an extraordinary quality that you will not regret.

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