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Is iPhone 6c true after all?

Is iPhone 6c true after all?

In less than two months, we will see for ourselves how much truth is in the reports about the appearance of a cheaper version of an apple smartphone this year.

For some time, information has been coming to the network that Apple is to reintroduce a model with slightly worse parameters and made with a qualitatively smaller scale. The product is to be a continuation of the trend started in 2014, which was then represented by the iPhone 5C.

However, the Plastic Smartphone did not win the hearts of users, which translated into its low sales. This year, if rumors are to be believed, there will be a cheaper and smaller representative of an apple smartphone. The gadget is to be equipped with a 4-inch screen and be a response to the market demand for phones conveniently operated with one hand.

This is also the opinion of the analyst Timothy Arcuri from Cowen and Company, who is convinced that this year the above-mentioned model of the phone will appear, which will resemble the currently offered iPhone 6. The housing will gain compared to the 5C version, because it will be made made of aluminum. The difference is to be the above-mentioned screen, which will measure 4 inches.

It is worth recalling that recently there were speculations that the niche model of the iPhone will be dedicated to the fair *** and change the colors of the rainbow.

Source: iPhonehacks