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Join the voter register online now!

Join the voter register online now!

The Ministry of Digitization has made available online election services that allow you to join any electoral register in the country – this year you have to do it 15 days before the local elections.

Are you registered in a different place than you usually live? Sometimes the place of residence may be a city located on the other side of Poland and not everyone intends to cover such a distance in order to vote in local government, parliamentary or presidential elections.

This year, the first round of the upcoming local government elections will be held on October 21, while the second round of elections for commune heads, mayors and city presidents two weeks later on November 4, 2018. Not everyone knows, but you can vote in local elections also outside the place of residence.

Now you can easily join the correct voter register online without leaving your home. There is also a special election service for people with disabilities so that they can vote by mail.

The implementation of both online election services is the responsibility of the Ministry of Digitization, the Ministry of Interior and Administration, the National Electoral Commission and the Central Information Technology Center.

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How to enter the voter register online before the 2018 local elections

To enter into any register of voters in the country you need to:

  1. enter the site citizen.gov.pl on a computer or mobile device (tablet, smartphone),
  2. use the search engine to find the service or go to it directly from the banner (Enter the register of voters or people with disabilities: Report your intention to vote from home),
  1. log in with your Trusted Profile,
  2. indicate the commune in the area where you plan to vote.

Interestingly, in this application, unlike the ePuap application (which could be submitted before the parliamentary elections), you must attach a scan of your ID card or passport. It is a bit strange, because all data is in the possession of offices. I asked the representatives of the ministry what this change is dictated by and as soon as I get the answer I will complete the entry with this information.

In response to the above inquiry, the press office of the ministry argues that the requirement to add a photocopy of a valid document confirming the applicant’s identity to the application for entering into the register of voters complies with Art. 19 §1 point 2 of the Election Code, therefore it should be attached to the application.

The new service is available to citizens of other European Union countries permanently residing in Poland, as well as Polish citizens. This is a great convenience for thousands of people who live in places other than those in the official report.

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The application can be submitted until October 16, 2018.but it goes without saying that it is worth doing much earlier.

How to submit an online request for postal voting in local government elections by disabled people?

A new service has also been made available for people with disabilities who have the right to vote by correspondence in the next elections. Now they can report such a need online using the Trusted Profile. The electronic application must be accompanied by a scan of the disability certificate.

A blind or partially sighted person may ask for a Braille voting overlay to be attached to the election package. The election package, depending on the applicant’s needs, may be sent to the registered address or any other address of residence.

You can submit your intention to vote by correspondence online by 15 days before the elections, i.e. until October 6, 2018.

source: press release of the Ministry of Digital Affairs (from Ewa, thanks!)