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Let It Die: A streamer spends 14 hours hitting an enemy


Let It Die: A streamer spends 14 hours hitting an enemy

Do you remember that we recently told you that that 72-hour battle against an unlockable boss in Final Fantasy XV was not as long as they said? One Let It Die player has had the battle of his life. In the new from Suda 51 and Grasshopper Manufacture, streamer cyberassassin24 and his character Linda have seen them with the Jackals, the toughest enemies in the game, in full live broadcast. He has faced them with a level difference between the two of 150 against him. Jackals are also designed to kill the player in one hit. It’s David versus Goliath, but just as David had a sling and a rock, Linda had a lift and a glitch to her advantage to corner one of them.

Kotaku says that for approximately 14 hours, more than half a day, the followers of cyberassassin24 on his channel have been able to see Linda punching the Jackal until he, finally and for the first time in the game, has bitten the dust. However, there were very specific eyes pending on his feat. Shortly after the victory, Let It Die goes offline and goes into maintenance, and cyberassasssin24 receives a chat message from someone claiming to be from publisher GungHo Online Entertainment. Linda has not been able to collect any loot for her quest, but they tell her not to worry, she will receive a prize in real life. If you dare, you can try to beat this user’s record, since Let it Die is available for free on PlayStation 4.

Meanwhile, after Let It Die is operational again, players observe that the Jackals have disappeared. They all get a message that assures them that they will receive compensation in game currency for their patience, and in which it also says this: “The broadcast of cyberassassin24 has helped us to solve a serious problem. Never forget Linda, the Legendary Heroine. ” A phrase, the latter that has also been proclaimed in the game’s official Twitter account. Now it remains to know what is that price that cyberassassin24 will receive in real life and that compensates for his 14-hour beating, in every way. What will it be? In any case, we are already fans of Linda here.

NEVER FORGET LINDA THE LEGENDARY HERO! Watch out for a special message from Captain Yotsuyama. More compensation info pending…

– LET IT DIE The Game (@LETITDIETheGame) December 10, 2016