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Maxcom introduces the FW47 Argon Lite smartwatch to its offer

Maxcom introduces the FW47 Argon Lite smartwatch to its offer

The FW47 Argon Lite in its compact, IP68-compliant housing, hides the possibility of GPS trace tracking, a very efficient battery and many other effective solutions.

The first personal watch is believed to have been made in 1504 by the inventor of Nuremberg, Peter Henlein. Over the centuries, these devices have evolved and were not bypassed by the digital revolution. Today, smartwatches with functionality that go far beyond the original function of the watch are enjoying growing popularity. They will notify about what is happening on the smartphone, as well as they are able to monitor our health. The Polish brand Maxcom has a wide range of wearables. The company is constantly expanding its portfolio to consist of better and better tailored products.

One of the most popular smartwatches offered by Maxcom is the FW37 Argon model. Today, his younger brother joined the brand’s offer – FW47 Argon Lite.

This model is distinguished by its low weight – 62 g – and its solidly made case contains advanced technologies. A comfortable 1.3 ”display with a resolution of 240 × 240 pixels will provide access to all the necessary information, and it will provide a lot.

Maxcom FW47 Argon Lite is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 360 mAh, which provides a lifetime of 2 to even 7 days depending on the intensity of use. This smartwatch uses the Bluetooth 5.0 standard for connectivity. An important feature of the new Maxcom brand representative is the class of water resistance and dust resistance, guaranteed by the IP68 standard, which is of great importance for anyone who likes active leisure.

Every amateur of outdoor physical activity will appreciate the GPS tracker module (with AGPS), which the Maxcom FW47 Argon Lite is equipped with. We can also use numerous sports modes, a pedometer and a calorie counter.

Maxcom FW47 Argon Lite motivates to lead an active life (e.g. thanks to alerts when sitting too long), and also controls the state of health. It has been equipped with the functions of monitoring the work of the heart, blood pressure and oxygenation. In addition, this smartwatch is able to monitor the quality of sleep.

All information about health and exercise can be viewed on the screen of a smartphone paired with the Maxcom FW47 Argon Lite, via the Smart Time Pro application. It is available in Polish for Android and iOS operating systems.

Smartwatches are gaining popularity thanks to the convenience they provide, among others in using a smartphone. Maxcom FW47 Argon Lite in this area, incl. will inform you about an incoming call, text message, or allow you to control the music player.

Maxcom FW47 Argon Lite is available at the suggested price of PLN 249.

source: Maxcom