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More problems with the Chinese screen factory for Apple

More problems with the Chinese screen factory for Apple

Everything indicates that the problem with the poisoning of Apple factory workers working in the production of iPhones has still not been solved.

Proceedings against Apple in this matter have been dragging on for several years, and it is still difficult to find a solution to the problem. Both poisonings were found in workers in Suzhou, China. Harmful chemicals used to clean phone screens got into their bodies.

Special correspondent Jeffrey Kaye today published an interview with workers at this factory. It is already known that the harmful chemical is n-hexane, made from crude oil. Employees admit that an element of their work was wiping iPhone screens with a material soaked in this toxic compound.

Contact with n-hexane causes damage to the nervous system and eventually even paralysis.
Employees report that after a while they had difficulty getting up and down stairs, and eventually even walking. Only after some time it turned out that their health problems were related to their work.

Apple is trying to alleviate the situation by declaring that all employees have received treatment, many have recovered, and the company constantly monitors the medical reports of sick employees and is in contact with their doctors. Apple additionally ensures that everything is going in the right direction.

Nevertheless, the results of the interview mentioned above show something else. Employees who are still in the hospital say that they witness constant disputes between doctors and the company. The hospital says further treatment is needed and employers say the problem is resolved.

Everything indicates that there will be at least a few more reports on this issue on the web. This whole situation puts in a bad light Apple, which until now has been known for caring for employees. The problem with the Suzhou factory, however serious, is an exception in this area.

It is already known that the company has taken the necessary steps to prevent further contact of employees with toxic chemicals, although we do not know if it completely ruled out the use of n-hexane. Personally, we are waiting for a positive end to this dispute.