Electronic Arts has launched Be a Pro: Online Team Play. In this online mode you can play a five-on-five match with ten gamers according to the Be a Pro concept. This mode is only available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions and will be available once you go online with your game.

Like many previous years, a new FIFA game will be released in the fall. For fans of the series it is a pleasure every year to get started with the next part, although the critics are always crying out for more innovation. In any case, expect a lot of licenses, competitions, cup tournaments and an interactive league this time.

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In addition, the new Be a Pro mode makes its appearance, in which you can take control of a single player in the field, and the ‘pace’ function will be further improved to perform various feints and tricks with technically gifted players. Furthermore, FIFA 08 is also all about more control, because you will now be able to send your through passes much more accurately and tailor-made and you also get more control over your keeper.

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FIFA 08 has now been released for almost all platforms.


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