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New trailer: Home – Red Bull Trailer


New trailer: Home – Red Bull Trailer

Home is a virtual meeting place for online PS3 gamers. It looks a bit like the Miis you can make with the Wii at first glance, but Home goes way beyond that. Here you can share files, share emotions, voice chat, shop and even decorate your own virtual home with your own character that you can customize from head to toe. Are you feeling a little lonely? Then you can go and visit a friend. Do you fancy an arcade game? Then no one will stop you from going to an arcade hall.

You can also arrange clan meetings in a friend’s virtual home and watch a homemade movie with others on a beautiful Bravia TV. In addition, you can also easily download demos from Home via the PlayStation Network. In short, almost everything is possible in Home.

Advertising in games is something that we see more and more: the games industry continues to grow and so it becomes more and more attractive to reach a large audience. And what could be better than having your own virtual island in PlayStation’s Home? Red Bull is the first major Home ‘sponsor’ with its own virtual island, where players can chill with each other and participate in the Red Bull Air Races. Beach? check. Palm trees? check. Unbelievable amount of advertising? Of course. Watch the trailer now.

Home will be available for download on December 11 for the PlayStation 3.