Nintendo takes a few months taking in series and with respect to mobile phones as a video game platform. After granting Niantic the Pokémon license to create the resounding success that Pokémon Go has been, in the last presentation of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Nintendo announced a Super Mario game, called Super Mario Run, which It will come first to iOS and later to Android.

Arrival date and price

This game was announced at the time that it was going to be released before the end of the year, and finally it has been. The game will be available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch next December 15 at a price of $ 9.99, which will most likely translate to 9.99 euros. Apple devices will have to have at least the version iOS 8 or higher for the game to work.

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For the 10 euros that the game will cost, players will have access to three game modes including Super Mario Run. The game will also have a free mode with limited access to elements of each game mode in order to test it before launching to buy the game permanently, which is to be appreciated in a time where demos practically no longer exist. To test a game, you usually have to buy it and be careful not to play too much to return it, or even hack it.

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Can be controlled with one hand

The game will consist of the classic mode that has characterized the Super Mario of moving to the right, but with the difference that the character will be in constant movement. This is due to the difficulty of controlling a video game character with the mobile’s touch screen, since not all users have a remote to connect it to the phone.

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To control the game you will only need one hand, being able to play perfectly in vertical mode by tapping on the bottom quarter of the screen. Depending on how long we press, Mario will jump more or less. Among the game modes that the game includes, at the moment we know in detail Rally mode, which will allow us to race with our friends and see who finishes a map first.

Super Mario Run will be available in a variety of languages, including spanish and english. The launch will be simultaneous in 151 countries worldwide. Regarding the Android version, we still do not know much data, but in September when the game was announced from Nintendo they stated that they intend to launch it sometime next year 2017.

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