One of the star devices of last Christmas was the NES Classic Edition, the console created by Nintendo and that had great similarities with the NES that almost all of us played a few years ago. Unfortunately only a few users have been able to purchase this curious console and it is practically impossible to find in any store or at least at a normal price.

Now Nintendo America’s Chief Operating Officer Reggie Fils-Aime has provided explanations, on the occasion of the presentation of the Nintendo Switch, of the stock problems of the NES Classic Edition.

What has happened with the NES Classic is that there has been a situation in which global demand has exceeded in excess of what we had anticipated, and that is what has created a lack of inventory. The good news, at least for American customers, is that we will continue to build the NES Classic. With the current supply level, the current demand is going to be satisfied. We know the concern.

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I believe that the incremental demand is what has surprised us. Because once again, how many times have you bought the original Super Mario Bros? We thought that users who already had a Wii or a Wii U and who had already bought those games once or twice, would not buy the NES Classic again. And they have.

Nintendo thought without a doubt that the NES Classic Edition would go unnoticed, touching the hearts of many users, and leaving many others, including myself, without being able to acquire this new console without having to leave a real fortune on it. And it is that today it is impossible to buy a NES Classic with its original price.

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Have you bought or are you going to buy a NES Classic Edition as soon as there is stock at its original price?.


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