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Oculus lowers the requirements of virtual reality to computers of 500 euros and announces more news

Oculus lowers the requirements of virtual reality to computers of 500 euros and announces more news

To popularize virtual reality and make it something available to anyone, that is the goal that Oculus pursues. At least that is what he implied yesterday at the annual Oculus Connect conference where presented many of its novelties. The company taught us more about its virtual reality helmets, motion controls or the advances made to make all of this compatible with “cheap” computers. We tell you all the Oculus announcements after the jump.

There is no doubt that we are very close to experiencing a true explosion in the world of virtual reality. All the competitors are sharpening their knives and showing their novelties at full speed so as not to be left behind. This week, Google showed its DayDream View virtual reality glasses while we have also known some details about the PlayStation VR. Each has approached the question from one point of view, but they all seem interesting, at least at first glance.

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Running on a 500 euro PC

A few months ago we told you that Oculus was going to require a powerful computer with a graphics card NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD R9 290, high-end processor or eight gigabytes of RAM. However, all that has radically changed. The need to assemble a high-performance team whose price was going to far exceed 1000 euros is over.

The Oculus Development Team has managed to reduce the minimum requirements needed after creating a new algorithm that adjusts the frame rate to create a correct virtual reality experience. The technology baptized as Asynchronous Spacewarp will offer a constant rate of 45 fps while the technical requirements are as follows:

The reduction affects the graphics card and processor section, which allows cheaper computers to be built. In fact, at the conference they announced an AMD Oculus Ready computer priced at $ 499. This will allow us to face the purchase of glasses with more money, whose price is still 699 euros.

An independent helmet

Until now, we have been talking about the need to have a computer compatible with the minimum requirements of Oculus virtual reality, but that could change very soon. The company is aware that this is not the way to go and they have already shown what their next device will be. In this case, we are talking about an independent case that does not need to connect to anything. Although it would not be as powerful as the current model, it will allow new experiences and be able to reach more public.

We could say that it would be the missing link between the virtual reality glasses that use the mobile as brain and screen and the Oculus Rift faces that use a powerful computer. Its price would be more content and they would seek to be an alternative of guarantees to be able to convince more users without the need for computers or mobile phones.

Oculus Touch, Controllers of the Beast, and Oculus Earphones

Oculus virtual reality would not be complete without a wireless controller to handle games and applications. Although we have already seen them on some occasions, we needed to know some details of the Oculus Touch. These complete the Oculus experience and allow us to manage everything, with two sticks, several buttons and motion detection sensors.

The price will be $ 199 and will go on sale on December 6. In the absence of knowing the price in euros, the complete virtual reality kit could touch 900 euros in our country. Despite lowering the requirements of the computer (also lowering the cost) it is possible that the glasses will not become popular for this price.

To complete the experience definitively, Oculus has prepared another device for us, which is also purchased separately. This time we talk about a in-ear headphones that block outside sound and allow us to “get into” more of what we are seeing and experiencing through the glasses. Its price will be $ 49.

Facebook VR with avatars and more money for Virtual Reality

Finally, Mark Zuckerberg showed some of the novelties that Oculus is working on to add social functions. Here we could see avatars interacting, meetings or rooms. Avatars become a three-dimensional representation of ourselves and can interact with others in the same room, with games or other activities.

In addition, Oculus and Facebook have already invested 250 million dollars in virtual reality and announced that they would double the bet to continue evolving. They have also unveiled plans to invest money in education, various projects or virtual reality content for mobiles.

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