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OMS offers campaign success control

OMS offers campaign success control

Online Marketing Service GmbH & Co. KG (OMS) now enables advertisers to carry out comprehensive impact analyzes for booked campaigns. As a central result of the innovative measurement method used in it, the OMS advertising impact score should clearly show the success of the campaign. With the establishment of its own benchmark database, the premium marketer also wants to offer important comparison options with other campaigns.

In doing so, the premium marketer relies on a combined measurement method at national level, in which for the first time the duration of the advertising is recorded and combined with an implicit and explicit measurement of the advertising impact. The impact analysis is based on the current “OMS advertising impact study”. The OMS advertising impact score summarizes the measured values ​​for awareness, image and buying interest as three basic requirements for a successful campaign and expresses the advertising impact numerically. According to its own statements, the premium marketer will ensure additional transparency in the future with a benchmark database in which the advertising effectiveness scores are stored anonymously. This would make important comparisons with other campaigns possible.

“OMS sees it as one of its central and most important tasks to be a consultant for advertisers and to improve advertising effectiveness through continuous measurements,” says Linda Mozham, Head of Marketing and Sales at OMS Vermarktungs GmbH & Co. KG. As part of the OMS advertising impact study, it is determined for the first time how great the influence, in particular of the implicit factors, is on the brand image and thus on the interest in buying. “We are now making this acquired know-how available to our advertising customers: They can commission a study from OMS that enables an impact analysis at the campaign level,” says Mozham. In connection with the constantly growing benchmark database, customers would be offered a comprehensive control instrument for the objective evaluation of their media performance for campaigns.

The “advertising effectiveness study” by OMS was implemented in cooperation with Eyesquare GmbH. To measure advertising effectiveness, specific campaigns with standard display formats on the OMS-Tageszeitungs-Kombi websites were examined between November 2010 and February 2011 and more than 1,000 internet users were interviewed. Eyesquare benchmarked these results against a large number of different online display campaigns, which were placed on different advertising media and result in a market average. For the first combined measurement of implicit and explicit parameters on websites with journalistic content and regional reference, the “i2Brandreact” from Eyesquare and the “Ad Attention Monitor” from Meetrics GmbH were used in addition to an explicit online questionnaire.