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Online retailers are not exploiting potential

Online retailers are not exploiting potential

The traffic gained via search engines plays an important role in e-commerce due to the resulting above-average conversion rates – and consequently also for the online marketing activities of companies. According to information from the news portal “Pressebox”, the online marketing agency SEM presented the first major study on the subject of search engine marketing, optimization and analysis in the field of e-commerce to a selected specialist audience. The data collection was made possible by the Search Analytics software solution “Searchmetrics Suite”.

The current study examines the status quo with regard to search engine advertising (SEA) and search engine optimization (SEO) in the 97 leading online shops in Germany (as of January 2011). “Search engine marketing in the form of SEO and Adwords is the most important online marketing tool for e-commerce companies and online shops to influence direct sales,” says Olaf Kopp, Managing Director of SEM Germany. “SEM potential is still not being used by online shops. The possibility of generating direct sales with the Google Shopping search has also not yet arrived at many e-commerce companies. With the use of Searchmetrics’ software, we can identify and analyze the potential for SEO, Google Adwords and Universal Search. “

The results of the study: The organic search results are the most important search engine traffic suppliers for online shops – even ahead of Google Adwords and Google Shopping Search. The Google Shopping search has emerged as the most relevant universal search access source and thus ranks even ahead of Google Places. Business-to-business-focused e-commerce companies are strong in organic visibility but weak on Google Adwords. Shops for office accessories are very active in the area of ​​Google Adwords, but there is potential for expansion in the context of search engine optimization. The most active in search engine marketing based on Adwords and search engine optimization are online shops for clothing and with a full range as well as B-to-B-oriented e-commerce companies. Online shops that offer books still have room for improvement with regard to the use of Google Adwords.

Dr. Horst Joepen, Managing Director of Searchmetrics, explains: “The results of the study with SEM Germany show that many e-commerce companies simply leave money on the table with an optimally balanced strategy for organic and paid search can easily earn. It also shows that, with our search analytics tool Searchmetrics Suite, we can now provide the basis for precisely directing the required investments. “

The full study can be downloaded as a PDF file from the link below: