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Optimize incoming goods processes with bypass control

Optimize incoming goods processes with bypass control

At the beginning of 2010, Oxaion AG, as a provider of complete business software for medium-sized companies, wants to make the new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Release 7.0 of the Oxaion Business Solution available. This is to give around 350 industrial and wholesale customers the option of numerous additional functions, such as missing parts management.

The new ERP software should recognize materials and parts that are required for a production, sales or service order as early as the picking process and at the incoming goods point. This would reduce throughput times and accelerate the incoming goods process. The new function takes effect as soon as a material is picked but is not physically available.

As part of the ERP software, it is integrated into existing processes. The non-existent material is stored in the missing parts management. This “data pool” should be separately retrievable and selectable at any time and also allow conclusions to be drawn about suppliers. If there are frequent bottlenecks at a supplier, priority hierarchies and order guidelines could be changed so that the material always arrives on time.

When the material arrives, a receipt ensures that incoming goods and the warehouse “channel” the goods directly to where they are needed, or via a so-called bybass control. The parts would be posted to a virtual warehouse and moved on without physical storage. Before doing this, the ERP software compares the quantity in the missing parts inventory with the delivery of goods so that the remaining quantity goes to the warehouse. The missing material for a production order is automatically assigned to this order in the incoming goods department. If there are several causers, the software can recognize this and decide on an ad-hoc basis which production order has priority.