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Or maybe the iPhone 7 Plus in a retro version?

Or maybe the iPhone 7 Plus in a retro version?

Here’s a breath of the past with modern hardware inside – the vintage iPhone 7 Plus available for purchase.

The company from Minnesota ColorWare, known for adapting various devices to selected styles, decided to prepare the original iPhone 7 Plus in a retro casing reminiscent of the Macintosh from 1980.

iPhones sold by Apple have four colors, this model has been professionally repainted for a classic beige Mac. The housing has a rainbow Apple logo and dark gray stripes on the sides. The device is sold in a 256 GB version and the specification of the original model.

Unfortunately, for such a look you have to pay twice as much as we would have to pay in the Apple store, which sell the onyx version for PLN 4,999. For the unique edition of the iPhone 7 Plus from ColorWare, you have to pay as much as $ 1,899 (about PLN 7,560). Each of the first 25 models has its own number and was sold within the first day. Devices from this unique retro edition ship within approximately 2-3 weeks.

ColorWare made a name for itself with the retro-style MacBook Air that it sold in September 2014. Customers demanded the same look for other devices. Stylized versions of the 12-inch MacBook, iMac, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus were also created. The company said all of Apple’s existing limited-edition products sold within 1-2 weeks.

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ColorWare isn’t the only player in the market to customize the look of the iPhone and sell it in its store. HautePhones offers a 125-gigabyte iPhone 6s Plus covered with 25 grams of 24-carat gold for $ 5095. So it looks like there are people willing to pay a lot of money to distinguish themselves by having a great looking iPhone.

Earlier this year, ColorWare also began customizing the appearance of the Airpods wireless headphones for the iPhone 7 in 58 different colors. Normally $ 160 headphones in a unique color cost as much as $ 299.

The company also customizes third-party devices such as Playstation, Xbox, keyboards, speakers and even microphones.

You can find the retro version of the iPhone 7 Plus smartphone at the official website of the manufacturer.

source: Investopedia via ColorWare