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Redcoon reacts to reprimand from the advertising council


Redcoon reacts to reprimand from the advertising council

A few days ago, the German Advertising Council reprimanded individual spots from the online discount retailer Redcoon from Aschaffenburg for discrimination against women. Now the company reacted and informed the self-regulatory body that it would no longer run the adverts complained of. They are to be exchanged in favor of the TV commercial “Football” as soon as possible.

The advertising council refrained from making a complaint with the “Football” spot, as women were not generally discounted as “cheap”. Redcoon as the advertising company justified the decision by wanting to express its respect for the advertising council and to underline that it attaches great importance to it as a moral authority in Germany. Julia Busse, Managing Director of the German Advertising Council, explains: “The case is renewed evidence of the functioning of the Advertising Council and its importance as a community-based self-regulatory body.”

Consumers should be able to defend themselves

The sponsors of the German Advertising Council are around 40 organizations from the advertising economy, trade, media, agencies, research and advertising professions, which are united in the Central Association of the German Advertising Industry ZAW. The associated members of the ZAW also support the work of the advertising council.

One of the goals of the self-regulatory body is that consumers should be able to defend themselves against the content of advertising even if advertisements, spots, posters or online advertising material are not legally objectionable, but are offensive and therefore undesirable according to the perception and understanding of values ​​of the people being courted are. The German Advertising Council fulfills this function by offering conflict management between consumers and companies in advertising measures and by developing voluntary rules for advertising, especially in particularly sensitive protection areas.

(German Advertising Council / asc)