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Remedy revealed how much it cost to make Control

Remedy revealed how much it cost to make Control

The latest game from the Finnish studio was made for three years and cost Remedy almost 30 million euros.

When we talk about the success of a game, sales jump in for everyone first, although other factors are important too – be it the price tag of the game or the development costs. The latter, of course, are rarely discussed, they are usually treated as business secrets, but Remedy was so kind now and revealed how much that is: Control made of nearly € 30 million over three years.

Put in context: this doesn’t count as a particularly serious amount, the AAA games from the big publishers are made from a much more serious budget. That’s why Remedy is also happy with sales – even though the game isn’t there at the top of the sales charts.

“We don’t need huge sales like many other games made on a bigger budget. That’s why – despite not producing top rankings – we’re in a good position with stable sales. We always look to the long run,” said Tero Virtala, CEO of Remedy. nak.

Virtala added that nowadays, the success of a game depends much less on how well it sells in the week of its release, as the digital distribution has significantly extended the lifespan of games. According to the CEO, they too owe a lot to the “oral tradition” of the players, and with its uniqueness and quality, Control has reached out to those who didn’t necessarily notice it at first.

Incidentally, the upcoming DLCs may help the long-term success of Control, as two story add-ons will be added to the game next year, which will surely pique interest again. The game brought nearly 18 million euros to the kitchen in the first month, so good long-term performance will be needed to make the project truly profitable.