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Roomba® j7 +, which is not terrible to clean

Roomba® j7 +, which is not terrible to clean

The latest models of iRobot’s Roomba j7 and j7 + cleaning robots are even smarter and smarter in self-cleaning.

Last year, new models of automatic cleaning robots appeared in the iRobot portfolio Roomba j7 (j7158) and j7 + (j7558). The other one – Roomba j7 + It is distinguished by an additional Clean Base charging and cleaning station, which allows us to forget about such activities as vacuuming for a long time. What distinguishes the j7 series and what is worth paying attention to before buying this model?

This model is perfect for pet owners – there is no fear that the robot will smear surprises left by a shaggy pet – this is prevented by PrecisionVision’s intelligent navigation, thanks to which the robot recognizes and avoids all obstacles.

The Roomba j7 + Robot Vacuum Cleaner empties its bin at the Clean Base® Automatic Dirt Clearing Machine for AllergenLock ™ bags. It is enough to easily and hygienically throw the used bag into the bin and put a new one in the station. The bags used in this system can hold dirt and debris collected over 60 days. This is enough to forget about vacuuming completely.

For over 30 years, iRobot customers have been using robots in their homes to benefit from safe and effective cleaning services. The company cares about the security of customer data, ensuring privacy for users’ personal space – both physical and virtual. IRobot applies the highest standards of data encryption, supported by a declaration of information security. The data is used only to ensure greater comfort of use and the best possible performance of the robot.

The iRobot Roomba j7 series robots have been certified by TUV SÜD Cybersecurity Certification (CSC) for data security for IoT devices.

Roomba j7 series key features

iRobot Roomba® j7 and j7 + have 2 all-surface rubber main brushes, learn, map and adapt to your home or apartment. It thoroughly cleans both carpets and floors, automatically adjusting the height of the cleaning head so that the rubber brushes are placed directly on the cleaned surface.

Roomba j7 + uses an efficient 3-step cleaning system that includes:

Obstacles on the floor, such as animal surprises or cables, will not stand in the way of Roomba j7 +. All thanks to PrecisionVision navigation, which detects threats and avoids them in real time.

The iRobot Genius platform allows you to turn on the robot when you leave home and finish its work before returning, so you do not see cleaning, only its effects.

The Roomba j7 series robot vacuums do its job searching for dust and avoiding obstacles. Reactive sensor technology alerts Roomba’s robot vacuum cleaner to problematic spots, so it knows where to go so it doesn’t get stuck under furniture. Only iRobot devices feature Dirt Detect ™ technology, which allows them to focus on dirty areas such as high-traffic areas in your home.

The robot never ceases to develop its intelligence as it constantly receives innovative solutions through the iRobot Genius platform in the form of the latest updates and breakthrough functions.

Roomba empties its bin at the Clean Base with Automatic Dirt Removal into specially designed bags that retain 99% of pollen and mold. A closed bag means no clutter or floating dust when emptying it. Just throw the used bag into the bin and put the new one in the station – hygienic and easy.

An interesting feature is the photos of objects that the user receives in the application in order to be able to identify the obstacles encountered by the robot. In addition, thanks to this function, the robot learns over time obstacles in the apartment in order to effectively avoid them in the future.

Roomba j7 + offers personalized suggestions that intelligently adapt to our cleaning habits – the robot itself recognizes specific rooms and times that we like to clean (e.g. in the kitchen after breakfast) and proposes personalized cleaning schedules.


Cleaning control and planning

Functions and operation of the robot via a smartphone

Although the vacuum cleaner has controls on top, it is best to run it via the mobile app after connecting the robot to a Wi-Fi network. The robot creates a map of the house, so you can separate rooms and areas for which individual schedules can be set.

Once areas or rooms have been identified, cleaning cycles can be scheduled so that the robot only covers a specific room, area, or the entire house. The same goes for scheduling, so you can clean different parts of the house at different times on selected days of the week.

After connecting to your home network, you can use the Google Assistant to operate the robot without having to reach for the application. If you are away from home and expecting guests right after their arrival, you can use the iRobot Home app or voice assistant to have the robot immediately clean the selected place or room.

Mobile application iRobot Home can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play:

robot dimensions height: 8.5 cm
diameter: 34 cm
dimensions of the Clean Base station 32 cm ✕ 40 cm ✕ 34 cm
scales 3.4 kg
filter Aeroforce
battery Li-Ion
number of cleaning programs 7
automatic, quiet, intensive, local, repeat cleaning, spiral, along walls
tank capacity 0.4 liters
charging time 180 minutes
Working time 75 minutes
technologies schedules, Dirt Detect, Aeroforce, Anti-Tangle – prevents tangling in cables, Cliff Detect – does not fall down stairs, does not fall off the stairs, Self Charging – automatic charging, iAdapt (adaptation to environmental conditions), resuming operation after charging in place, recognition and avoidance obstacles (marking in the app)
sensors acoustic, anti-collision, edge, dust, distance, optical vSLAM (camera), anti-entanglement in cables, obstacles, ground fault, detection of dirty places, protection when lifting
control using a smartphone – the iRobot Home application
voice assistant Compatible with Google Home and devices that support Amazon Alexa

Contents of the package:

Roomba j7 +

from 4499 zloty

as of January 25, 2022

Roomba j7

from 3499 zloty

as of January 25, 2022

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