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Salesforce Radian6 with new insight technologies


Salesforce Radian6 with new insight technologies

Salesforce Radian6 measures sentiment on the social web with analysis of sentiment, intentions and demographic data in multiple languages. With the new Insights technologies and the expanded partner family, networked companies can draw even deeper knowledge from the massive volume of digital dialogue. The new features enable companies to understand the importance of the billions of publicly available conversations on the social web.

Salesforce Radian6 Insights gives customers instant access to this data to respond to sales and service opportunities in real time and develop more effective social marketing campaigns. The services of the new partners can be easily integrated into the Salesforce Radian6 dashboard. Marcel LeBrun, SVP and GM at Salesforce Radian6, explains: “In order to be able to understand social big data and the messages hidden in it, it is important for social enterprises to reach the next level in social media monitoring.” And Zach Hofer-Shall, Senior analyst at the market research company Forrester, points out in an article about the Social Intelligence Market that in the networked age it is important to monitor activities on the social web with the help of appropriate technologies: “Listening platforms must enable users to react, for example in customer care through social management tools, for research purposes with reporting tools or in customer analysis through the integration of data obtained. “

Monitoring is more than just listening

Every day billions of posts are published on blogs, Facebook, forums, Twitter, Youtube and many other channels. This information density has changed the social media monitoring landscape and requires tools that enable not only listening, but also a targeted exchange with customers. Based on the knowledge gained through Radian6 Insights, social enterprises – fully networked companies – can optimize their market presence, offer their customers better service, generate leads or develop new product lines tailored to customer requirements.

The new Salesforce Radian6 Insights technologies include detailed sentiment analysis. Companies can determine which emotion is hidden behind a post, whether it is positive, negative or neutral. The sentiment analysis can be carried out in seven different languages: German, English, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Natural Language Processing is also included: Social Enterprises automatically recognize whether a post contains a question, expresses a wish or need, or names a problem in order to be able to react accordingly. With regard to the “online influence” function, highly developed social scoring systems measure who generates content on the social web, who reacts to it and which topics are the most important for these people.

Well-founded campaign analysis

As part of the extended demographic analysis, social enterprises learn more about the authors of posts in the social web and their voluntarily provided demographic data. This includes information on age, gender, origin, education, occupation, interests, social commitment and more. Intelligent dashboards and analytics also ensure that companies can filter conversations on the social web and identify and react to conversations that are relevant to them. The advantages include, for example, more in-depth analyzes of marketing campaigns or the targeted generation of social leads. And finally, with the help of Radian6 Insights, lists of the most frequently mentioned people, places or things can be created with just one click.

The company emphasizes that it has created the world’s first partner ecosystem to combine a best-of-breed solution in just one dashboard. With the new partners, customers could choose from the best range of real-time social analytics to suit their business interests, which can be seamlessly integrated into Salesforce Radian6. In the partner family, Klout, OpenAmplify and OpenCalais are decisive for the sentiment analysis via Clarabridge. Lymbix supports the classification of emotion and tonality. PeekAnalytics for Social Audience Measurement, Solariat for Social Intention Analysis and OpenAmplify offers new functions for customer service-relevant analyzes.