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Samsung Galaxy Tab A: a balanced tablet available to everyone

Samsung Galaxy Tab A: a balanced tablet available to everyone

In recent years, tablets have lost some strength in the market. However, they still have a lot to offer the user, both at work and leisure. That is the case of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1. This device, which the South Korean technology company has recently launched on the market, will try to fight with Apple for becoming one of the favorites of users, at least of those who do not want to scratch their pockets too much.

The tablet, for starters, has a screen 10’1 inches, something that places it slightly below the latest devices of this type that have been launched by the signature of the bitten apple; Except, of course, for the recent review of the iPad mini. However, these dimensions, coupled with its weight of 469 grams and a thickness of 7.5 mm, make it extremely manageable and easy to transport.

When it comes to performance, Samsung has endowed its device with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. These can be increased by using a microSD card up to 512GB. There is also a version that reaches up to 64 GB. It is also available in three colors: gold, silver and black.

As for the resolution of the screen, it is located in about 1920X1200 pixels very interesting. The colors and brightness that it displays, which can also be adjusted, make the device an ideal option for those who wish to use it mainly to consume audiovisuals in their free time. Regardless of whether they do it at home, while traveling, or outdoors.

And it is not the same to put on a series of Netflix, Amazon Prime Emptyor or HBO on the «smartphone» before going to sleep, rather than on a tablet. It also helps that Samsung has provided it with a sound pretty good thanks to its dual speaker system with Dolby Surround. Something that makes it a good option when it comes to playing music or using a Spotify-like “app”.

Another of the strengths of the tablet is in its autonomy, Samsung has equipped it with a battery of 6150 mAh. Something that guarantees that the user can use the device for several hours without having to constantly search for a plug to charge it. If it is given normal use, around an hour or an hour and a half a day, the battery can perfectly last four or five days. In addition, the Galaxy Tab A has USB-C connector, unlike other devices like the latest iPad mini.

As usual, the Galaxy Tab A has two cameras; although the photographic section is not, precisely, the strong point of the model. But it is also true that users do not usually use this type of device to take the best images and record videos. The rear is located in the 8 megapixels and the front in the 5. Quite inferior to that of high-end tablets, such as the iPad Pro (12 mp).

However, if we take all this into account, and, in addition, we add that the device has a price that moves around 175 euros on Amazon, we realize that the Galaxy Tab A can be a good option for those who want a quality tablet, but not willing to pay too much for it. Thus, if you have been thinking about getting a device with these characteristics for a while, this may suit you more than others that, although they may be more powerful, they will also force you to make a much larger outlay.