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SAS modernizes customer intelligence suite


SAS modernizes customer intelligence suite

The software manufacturer SAS will bring its five top products for analytical marketing together in a single web-based application. The modernized customer intelligence suite includes SAS Marketing Automation, Marketing Optimization, Real-Time Decision Manager, Digital Marketing and Visual Analytics. This enables marketing users in companies to plan and organize sophisticated multi-channel campaigns in an integrated manner and control customer interactions across all communication channels and media.

The new technologies ensure even more performance transparency of the value contribution of marketing to the company’s success. With this development step, SAS would like to take account of the changed marketing requirements, especially in the field of digital communication. In addition, with the redesign, the software manufacturer continues to implement the approach of a consistent analytical platform for the entire marketing and sales process.

Thanks to a completely revised user concept, the new SAS Customer Intelligence Suite enables intuitive work and seamless interfaces. This includes the entire process from strategic marketing planning to the operational control of measures, target groups and channels to monitoring the success of advertising. The specialist users are supported by high-performance analysis methods, but their operation does not require any special analytical knowledge.

Marketing must develop concepts for the dialogue process

The business analytics market leader wants to create a new level of marketing efficiency and effectiveness. This increase in performance is not only required more and more frequently in organizations, but is also necessary in numerous old and new areas of customer communication. This applies, for example, to the integration of inbound and outbound communication, the integration of new information sources (social media, mobile devices) and the implementation of real-time concepts in digital media. In the business-to-consumer (B-to-C) environment in particular, the balance of power between consumers and providers has shifted in favor of end customers, and here marketing has to develop innovative concepts for the dialogue process.

The software provider emphasizes that the greater the amount of data and information available, the less dispensable it is to use analytical intelligence. Marketing must be supported in its most pressing challenges at the moment: Manage customer relationships efficiently and across channels; Generate lasting positive customer experiences and make good and well-founded decisions despite the wealth of data – keyword big data.

The SAS innovations at a glance