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Sensix expands its product range through partnership with Salesforce.com

Sensix expands its product range through partnership with Salesforce.com

Sensix, one of the leading Central European CRM full service providers with over 350 successful CRM implementations, is expanding its technology portfolio and entering into a partnership with Salesforce.com, the world market leader for “SaaS” (“Software as a Service”) in the CRM sector, one. In addition to the solutions from Microsoft, Oracle / Siebel and update, Sensix now also offers Salesforce.com as a CRM technology platform.

With Salesforce.com, Sensix supplements its implementation offer with real “CRM from the socket”, in which large and medium-sized companies benefit from the advantages of SaaS technology, in particular the short technical introduction and the lack of hardware and software acquisition and operating costs . Only a usage fee has to be paid for making the Salesforce.com technology available and only as much is paid as is actually used. At the same time, complex processes and high levels of integration into the existing system landscapes can be implemented.

With this partnership, Sensix can now also offer customers this alternative in addition to the already established partner solutions from Microsoft, Oracle / Siebel and update and, as a CRM full-service provider, covers the entire value chain of customer relationship management more than ever: From consulting in the run-up to CRM initiatives, through software implementation, to optimal operation of the solution and optimization of data quality, regardless of the CRM technology platform that is optimal for the customer.

Sensix is ​​a European full service provider with a focus on customer relationship management with locations in Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Vienna and Zurich and supports national and international companies with their CRM initiatives in over 25 countries. Today Sensix is ​​one of the largest dedicated CRM service providers in Central Europe. Salesforce.com is the world’s leading solution provider for customer relationship management as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and on-demand service. Today more than 59,000 companies entrust their important customer and sales data to salesforce.com.

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