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Smartphones and tablets replace laptops

Smartphones and tablets replace laptops

More and more mobile devices are replacing classic computers and laptops. See what the demand for smartphones, tablets and laptops looks like – there is only one winner …

Yesterday we wrote about the fact that most of the searches on Google now come from mobile devices. It is not without reason that the increasing share of the overall Internet traffic is generated by the users of smartphones and tablets.

According to the data collected by the idealo price comparison engine, the days of notebooks are numbered and to a large extent their place has been replaced by smaller computers such as smartphones and tablets.

Mobile devices vs. laptops

Most users can carry a miniature computer in their pocket in any place, thanks to which it is even easier and faster to obtain the necessary information, connect to the Internet and edit simple documents. Home users also prefer to use the tablet to browse their favorite websites or simply use more convenient mobile applications. I catch the fact that the laptop is mainly used (but not always) for writing articles on mobiRAnk.pl and making graphics – everything else, I prefer to do on a tablet.

The declining interest in laptops in favor of mobile devices is visible in the data below. The interest in smartphones currently stands at 60% of the demand for mobile devices and is three times higher than five years ago. Tablets are also popular. In the first half of 2015, the demand for them was as high as for laptops, which are currently only 20% in demand. interest. Five years ago, their popularity was three times higher, with 62% accounting for more than half of the demand for mobile devices.

Despite efforts to make mobile devices more and more compact, an apparently opposite trend can be observed on the smartphone market. The diagonal of the screen in these devices has been increasing for years. This trend aims to increase the convenience of using phablets – that is, smartphones with a screen size longer than five inches – and strengthens their position in relation to both laptops and tablets.

Rotary screen ultrabooks are becoming more and more popular

The hope for the survival of laptops may be hybrid devices, which are actually tablets with an attached keyboard. According to idealo data, the interest in ultrabooks is also growing very fast:

Ultrabooks are exceptionally thin and light notebooks that are still highly functional and work fast. This name and the guidelines that should be met by this type of equipment were introduced in 2011 by Intel. Since the launch of the sale of the first ultrabooks, interest in buying them increased by as much as 3,600% by 2015.

Ultrabooks with a rotating screen are particularly popular among consumers. These are the closest devices to tablets. They have a built-in keyboard, but it can be folded so that it is placed not under, but behind the touch screen of the computer. Initially, in 2010, the interest in such laptops was only 4%. Today, every third ultrabook is equipped with a rotating touchscreen.

source: idealo – Smartphones and tablets will replace laptops? We have evidence of this