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Snapchat could be evolving to compete with Skype, Hangouts or FaceTime

Snapchat could be evolving to compete with Skype, Hangouts or FaceTime

Recently two software developers have found in the Snapchat application to Android some references in the code that could be directed to the future support of the tool to be able to make calls from both video like Audio.

This is something that will probably be included in this social network In the near future, there is even speculation about the incorporation of a streaming live similar to the one we can currently find in Periscope.

These references have been located in the code of version of this popular tool, upgrade which was released on December 24 and which has been the last one that has seen the light so far. Specifically, it is a function called AudioNote and that basically is responsible for recording sound. The curious thing about the subject is that there is no reference to the maximum size or duration of said recording, which has led the developers who have found it to suspect that what the company wants to incorporate in future updates is precisely a service of voice chat and video call. In this way, users who use the social network could listen or participate in communications through voice and image.

At the moment this fact cannot be confirmed, although what is clear is that if Snapchat intends to target this market, it would clearly become a serious opponent of Skype, Google Hangouts or Facetime from Apple, among others, in the video calling sector. In fact, Snapchat already has a feature that leads to the aforementioned video calls that it launched in 2014 and that allows you to share a video signal with another person. However, this is a function that has not been very well received by users.

Although at present the video call is not something very widespread and used, the truth is that fundamentally due to the penetration that this tool has among the public more young man, its inclusion would represent an important advance. Perhaps it could become a substitute for the usual teenage texting. From what is known at the moment Snapchat It allows you to record short videos to send to others, something that cannot be considered anywhere near a face-to-face conversation. For this reason, we will have to wait for the news of the next update of the tool to see if they really are directed towards this service.

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