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Sonic: This is how the Sega mascot has evolved

Sonic: This is how the Sega mascot has evolved

There it comes at full speed, shaping the Sega lettering on the screen with its unmistakable blue blur. That’s right, it’s about Sonic the hedgehog. An applause! Wait, where are you going? How are you leaving? But it’s Sonic! Oh okay, we can understand your rejection. The Sega mascot has seen clearly better times, it is true, there is no point in denying it. The truth is that this comic strip is a true reflection of it.

Andy Kluthe and Tristan Cooper, from Dorkly as usual, remove in the sore the deep wound and not yet completely healed that many of us have in our hearts (not literally, fortunately) because of Sonic. Yes, because of him, for having changed so much over the years. They will have told you many times, Sonic, but here goes another one: You used to be cool. Before, not now. These vignettes are bittersweet testimony to that. On the outside there is a layer of comedy and wit, but on the inside there is an agonizing suffering. Let’s hope Sonic Mania redeems the hedgehog. It can’t go wrong, right? T-right?



Before: “-Impossible! My plan to turn all animals into robots for some reason was perfect!”

Now: “-And now you kiss me to save my life

-Wow, what?

-Sonic 2006. Look at it. It’s happening. “


Before: “-Everyone tells me that I have the same voice as Urkel

-Yes, they tell me too “

Now: “-Why are you wearing bandages on your shoes?

-I don’t know, Knuckles, why did you start taking human growth hormones? “



Before: “-Oh man, a new Sonic game! It’s going to be awesome!”

Now: “-Oh man, a new Sonic game. It’s going to break my heart again, right?”

Fan art

Now: “W-what is this machine? Why am I super pregnant? What is Garfield doing here? What have I done to deserve this ?!”