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Sony claims market leadership

Sony claims market leadership

The current console war seems to have been fought: Kaz Hirai, the boss at Sony Computer Entertainment, has proclaimed his company an ‘official’ industry leader.

However, it is not about sales figures of the PS3 compared to the Xbox 360 and Wii, but about who has the best stuff. According to Hirai, the Wii is not a competitor because you can only play games on it and in addition not, for example, Blu-Ray and the Xbox 360 only has a short-lived life, compared to the 10 years that the PS3 should last. The PS3’s hardware, which is rather difficult for developers to understand, is an advantage: easy-to-program consoles are used to their full potential right from the start and can therefore not last as long as the PS3. Looking at the PS2’s past, there may be a grain of truth in Hirai’s story.

Microsoft does not agree with the statements of Kaz Hirai and says through Aaron Greenberg that Sony is no longer completely up to date. It is not hardware specs, but innovation in the online and software field that make the winner these days, he thinks. And according to him, sales figures are a method to see who is doing the best. Those numbers show that Microsoft is at least winning against Sony; even if PS3 sales were to double and Xbox 360s remain the same, it would still be 2014 before there are more PS3s in the US than Xbox 360 consoles.

Nintendo hasn’t announced anything (yet).