After only three weeks on sale, PS Vita has seen how some Japanese stores decided to reduce its price by up to 20%. The new laptop from Sony It has not been released as the company expected, its high price being a handicap when acquiring it.

The launch of Playstation Vita in Japan it has not been as expected by Sony. The company premiered the game console in Japan on December 17 and sales have been very behind the company’s forecasts. Despite having a technical power never seen in the notebook sector and having a good range of games in its first weeks on sale, users have not been convinced when it comes to acquiring it.

  PlayStation Vita

The reason has been none other than its price. Some analysts already warned Sony just a few days ago of the need to lower the price of the notebook to make it an attractive product to the public as well as profitable for the manufacturer. The company did not pronounce itself initially, so they have been Japanese stores who of their own accord have chosen to apply the rebate to stimulate the market.

As we can read in our portal specialized in video games,, some retailers They have lowered the price of the console by up to 20% in its most expensive version, the one that offers both WiFi and 3G connectivity. In this way, from the initial 299 euros it will cost 251 euros.

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With this measure, the stores will collaborate with Sony’s objective in the sale of the consoles, but it is too late to meet the initial expectations. In principle, the Japanese company had planned the sale of 700,000 units. Nothing could be further from the truth, because in these weeks it has only managed to approach half the figure. As if that were not enough, the comparisons with its most direct rival today, Nintendo 3DS, make this figure more hurtful, since it reached 400,000 consoles sold in less time.

Precisely the Nintendo laptop is a clear example of how a company is forced to lower its initial price claims in order to deploy its product in the market. Despite improving sales at its premiere compared to PS Vita, the Nintendo 3DS was soon reduced in price to make it more attractive to the public. The movement has been a success and its sales already exceed the 14 million units, after reaching the market less than a year ago.

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Will Sony choose to make a price reduction officially? Everything indicates that it is necessary to take a measure of this type and it could be before arrival at United States and Europe (in the next month of February) when PS Vita see its price lowered.


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