Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X will be released at the end of the year, and we’ve put together for you what we’ve found out about next-generation consoles so far.

It’s also rough to think about, but we’re slowly getting to the 9th generation of consoles. Both Sony and Microsoft have confirmed that they plan to launch the PS5 and Xbox Series X this season (although the latest news suggests that this may even change due to the corona virus), and even new platforms they’re slowly already banging their heads in trailers, see, for example, the Outriders preview released just a few days ago.

However, despite the dangerously imminent release, the manufacturers have not nearly revealed all the relevant information about the soon-to-arrive consoles, so one should be aware of the most dropped comments, minor details and rumors from reliable sources. We’re gathering these now as we walk around the question of what the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will look like.

PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 4 is probably the most popular platform of the generation, packed with better-than-exclusive exclusive titles, so it’s absolutely understandable that everyone is wondering how Sony envisions the future, even though the Japanese have proven to be rather tight-lipped about their plans so far.

Although the PS5 has not yet been officially unveiled (leaks say it will change in February), you can still know a few details about the new PlayStation. At CES 2020, for example, Sony has confirmed that it will include hardware ray tracing support and an ultra-fast SSD, haptic feedback and programmable triggers on the controller, ultra HD blu-ray support and 3D audio, as well as the PS5 logo. we could also admire it already, which was not so surprising.

Unfortunately, we haven’t heard too much concrete about the new console on the hardware front either. It is already certain that AMD will use an 8-core Zen 2 microarchitecture-based CPU and Navi GPU (most likely headed with GDDR6 RAM) and will also support 8K resolution, but beyond that other it was not clear what would pound under the hood of the PS5.

Just as the look of the new console isn’t known yet, however, some images of the devkit have been leaked before, so at least we can take a look at these. All in all, we haven’t learned much about the PS5 so far (Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan has openly agreed to keep the real innovations in the console still secret), but hopefully that will change in the near future thanks to an official presentation.

Xbox Series X

Microsoft is already talking much more openly about its new console than Sony, so much so that it unveiled it at The 2019 The Game Awards. The console, which had long run only as Project Scarlett, was eventually renamed the Xbox Series X. However, this can be a bit misleading, as Microsoft made it clear shortly after the TGA that this is just a designation for the specific type presented there, the next-generation console itself will simply be an Xbox.

As for the look of the new Xbox, we can also have a very specific idea of ​​it, as during the unveiling, Microsoft also unveiled the console itself, which eventually got a rather weird, tower-like design. Also, if that weren’t enough, some more images of the new Xbox were leaked at the end of January, which on the one hand could be used to re-admire the console’s log design, and on the other hand, more mysterious people spotted a mysterious port, which Thurrott said. refers to its expandable storage unit.

In terms of hardware, Microsoft, like Sony, will use AMD’s Zen 2 CPU and Navi GPU, but in addition, support for hardware ray tracing and 8K resolution should not be missed, and if all that weren’t enough, the new We will be able to squeeze up to 120 fps out of the Xbox, according to the news. Another curiosity is that the head of the Xbox, Phil Spencer, posted a picture of the console’s processor in early January, with the 8K caption clearly visible on it (see a little below).

Beyond that, though, you don’t know so much about the new Xbox, unfortunately. Microsoft’s official announcement says the Xbox Series X will be four times as powerful as the Xbox One X and will be able to be used in both portrait and landscape positions, but the exact specifications are still being kept secret by the Redmonds.

Exclusive games and backward compatibility

In the current generation, Sony and Microsoft have a markedly different business model for gaming, and it looks very much like that won’t change in the future. Microsoft has already predicted that in the few years after its release, we won’t have to expect Xbox Series X exclusive titles yet, while Sony is putting a strong lead on the PS5 as well. The gameplay trailer for one of the console’s first titles, Godfall, has recently been leaked, and in addition, there are rumors about the release of games like the sequel to 2018 God of War or Horizon Zero Dawn 2.

Of course, the new Xbox won’t be left without fresh titles either, as games like Hellblade 2 or Halo Infinite will arrive on it, but these will appear not only on the Xbox Series X, but also on the Xbox One and PC. Microsoft will try to make up for the lack of exclusives with backward compatibility: they plan to run all of their previously released games on the new Xbox, just as the Game Pass will not be trashed when generating. According to the latest news, the PS5 will also be able to run games released on previous consoles, but in principle it does not yet support all titles.

Appearance, pricing

As for the release of next-generation consoles, both Sony and Microsoft have previously promised to debut this holiday season, but this could eventually slip due to the coronavirus outbreak in China as both companies ’main suppliers are closed due to the disease.

For the time being, both companies are discreetly avoiding the issue of pricing. Sony has acknowledged that it has not yet been fully decided how much they will ask for the PS5, as there are quite a few factors involved, and Microsoft has not commented on the issue at all. Analysts, on the other hand, agree that the new-generation consoles will open more expensive than their predecessors anno, and Dr. Serkan Toto also said a specific amount: he thinks the PS5 and the new Xbox will come at a price of $ 500 (roughly 156,000 forints). sounds pretty realistic.

Will it turn out at Christmas?

So much can be known for sure about the upcoming console generation right now. The manufacturers are unfortunately still quite secretive on the subject, but hopefully this won’t stay that way for long, and a lot of the information dropped and the little half-truth will eventually just come together into a big whole. One thing is for sure: if all goes well, the PS5 and the new Xbox will launch at the end of this year, and we can’t wait to see what’s new with the ninth generation of consoles.

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