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System weaknesses affect customer-centric marketing


System weaknesses affect customer-centric marketing

For cell phone companies, customer-centric marketing is increasingly seen as a silver bullet. Opportunities to actually put your customers at the center of marketing efforts are hampered by generic customer relationship management (CRM) systems, fragmented data, and unsuitable monitoring and reporting systems. This was the result of an international study carried out by the London-based market research company Freedom Dynamics on behalf of Business Logic Systems, a provider of software for automated individual customer approach.

The report “Premises for Action in Mobile Marketing: Moving to a Customer-Centric Approach” is based on interviews with marketing directors and campaign managers from 13 wireless companies in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Most of the respondents then confirmed that delays in preparation, cost overruns, a lack of automation and over-dependency on IT departments affect their ability to run campaigns. The development of customer loyalty programs, the improvement of customer segmentation and the coordination of systems and processes are therefore key principles and necessities that marketing managers at mobile communications companies should consider on their way to a customer-centric culture.

Most importantly, according to Stewart Goldberg, chairman of Business Logic Systems, the study shows that
When developing fully automated marketing processes, mobile network operators need efficient instruments that can be easily integrated into existing systems: “Mobile phone companies can promote profitable consumer behavior and achieve long-term customer loyalty by establishing a personal and relevant dialogue with their customers.” rapid interpretation of customer usage data. This is the only way to gain a holistic picture of customer activity and correctly align campaigns.