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TapOn – application with discounts and promotions

TapOn – application with discounts and promotions

The TapOn mobile application provides access to many loyalty programs and promotions offered by various service points and shops.

TapOn for users

For users, the TapOn application is free and allows you to take advantage of various promotions and loyalty programs. The application replaces many traditional loyalty cards, and its users are the first to receive information about new promotions, discounts and rewards offered by companies using TapOn. To collect your bonus, all you need to do is scan the QR code from your phone at the tablet at the point of sale. You can also check the number of points collected in a given program, which in classic solutions requires the help of a salesperson.

TapOn for service providers

The TapOn app gives store and service owners access to highly effective sales techniques. Professional loyalty programs have so far been reserved for companies with well-developed marketing departments and large budgets. However, TapOn is much more flexible compared to traditional programs. It allows, depending on the nature of the business, to add points to customers or to offer the collection of virtual stamps, as well as to award bonuses for the purchase of specific products and services. You can also reward customers for checking in (check-ins) at points of sale or just joining the program. In addition, the application allows you to test consumers’ attitude towards promotion and their shopping preferences. Moreover, thanks to the function of linking the TapOn account with social media, customers can recommend products and services to their friends.

– New promotions, awards or products can be entered into the system on their own – says Michał Filipek, creator of the TapOn system. – They are immediately displayed on tablets at points of sale and customers’ cells. The system allows you to automatically estimate the cost and impact of a promotion on sales and inform customers about promotional campaigns. This is the first loyalty program solution that is so comprehensive and convenient for customers and people running companies – emphasizes Michał Filipek.

The loyalty card can be downloaded at any partner point. The mobile application is currently available for Android phones. A version for iPhone and Windows Phone is under preparation. The solution for business is paid and available in a subscription, which amounts to PLN 269 net per month. Together with the system, the entrepreneur gains the care of a dedicated TapOn marketing expert, who supports the company in building and implementing promotional activities on an ongoing basis.

The TapOn mobile application is available for Android devices. IOS and Windows Phone versions will be available soon.

source: press release