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The average age of television viewers continues to rise

The average age of television viewers continues to rise

While it was previously assumed that the average age of television viewers in the so-called advertising-relevant target group was between 18 and 49 years, new surveys by Magna Global show a significant increase in age.

As the Guardian reports, citing the current US figures, the age structure has reached the 50+ generation for the first time. The average age of CBS viewers is now 54, ABC is 50 and NBC is 49. Fox is slightly below with an average of 44 years.

“The aging of the television audience is primarily the result of demographic change. In Germany, too, people and thus TV viewers are getting older,” explains Klaus Goldhammer, Managing Director of Goldmedia Media Consulting & Research. In addition, current studies would of course also show that future generations can hardly be kept with television. “In the long term, TV will become irrelevant for young people under 20,” Goldhammer adds.

The figures from Magna Global show that the US broadcaster CBS addressed its youngest audience with Big Brother and that was on average 45 years. The news came to a value of 60 years. Fox tied for the youngest average (29 years) with Family Guy and American Dad. “In order to keep the young audience, the broadcasters will have to offer more and more additional offers on the Internet or mobile in the future,” comments Goldhammer. Downloads, streams and free time management on the Internet convinced the young generations far more than the fixed program schedules on classic television.

“In the longer term, the core target group, which now ends at 49, will be expanded. In the long run, it makes no sense to exclude such a large group of people from your advertising activities,” Goldhammer looks to the future. Other TV experts share this view. Cynthia Littleton of Variety Magazine agrees that in five to ten years the focus of advertisers will be more on the 35 to 65 year olds than on the 18 to 34 year olds. In addition, older viewers have more income that can flow into the advertised products. -pte