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The future of call centers will pass from Facebook


The future of call centers will pass from Facebook

With the advent of the social network, many companies have assigned resources solely to cure customer relations, often also for provide assistance. Through these channels you can enjoy a faster and more decisive intervention, also because otherwise the user could bring to the surface, “in public”, problems that could drive away potential new customers. To facilitate the work of companies, Facebook today added the ability to contact users who write on a company’s page via private message, in order to resolve any problems away from the spotlight.

During the last F8, Facebook had presented the function Business On Messenger, which would have allowed companies to contact their customers through the well-known service of instant messaging. This new feature enhances the existing service by adding some features aimed at providing better user experience to customers.

For example, if the company responds in a short time to at least 90% of the messages received, it will receive a badge, displayed on the page: “Very Responsive To Messages“, To indicate the speed in replying; this could lead companies to increase the staff of the customer care intended for social.

Furthermore, handling a problem via text would save the user long waits on the phone, navigating among infinities menu, and would allow the company to optimize resources, as a single employee could simultaneously respond to multiple problems with pre-filled responses for that particular type of problem.

Facebook also is cooperating with some companies to supply exclusive services, like cards to track the shipment of packages or provide total orders. Furthermore, it would be working on the creation of a ‘artificial intelligence that, once configured, it can deal with responding to the most basic problems. Those of you who have solved a problem by contacting customer service through social network?