Although it is not a scientific sample, the main searches carried out on Google, the largest search engine on the Internet, is an effective thermometer to gauge the interests and concerns of citizens. Like every year, what goes into that little white box Before hitting the “search” button, it has a lot to do with current affairs. The Spaniards, in this sense, looked for issues related to the different electoral calls, the terrible fire in the Notre Dame Cathedral, everything related to the Vox political party, as well as one of the television programs with the most audience, «Big Brother Duo ». But, in turn, information related to the state of the Madrid Metro through which millions of citizens pass every day.

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1General elections2Notre Dame3The fall of the Berlin Wall4Municipal elections5Black Friday6Lotería del Niño7Vox8Metro de Madrid9Listeriosis10Wedding Sergio Ramos

Among the list of the ten most sought after topics in 2019, “general elections” occupy the first place in Spain, while in the rest of the world “cricket” has been the most sought after. Something curious considering the apparently minority of this sport. What is clear is that the Spanish population has once again become interested in the main current political issues. The most sought-after topic has been the “general elections” on the occasion of its double celebration (April 28 and November 10), while the municipal elections (May 26) have been placed in fourth place.

In the number two position is Notre Dame due to the fire that the Parisian cathedral suffered on April 15, while the third place is occupied by the fall of the Berlin Wall on the occasion of the 30 years since this event occurred.

Behind it appears «Black Friday» -the period of extreme sales in November- and the Lotería del, Niño, which puts the finishing touch on Christmas every year. Closing the top ten are the listeriosis epidemic and, lastly, the wedding of the Real Madrid footballer Sergio Ramos with the presenter Pilar Rubio, held last summer in a massive event.

Film and television

1Big Brother Duo2Survivors3Eurovision4Game of Thrones5Joker6Thanos7Election Debate8Chernobyl9Big Brother Vip 710Green Book

In Spain sports topics have also been a trend in Google in 2019, such as Rafael Nadal and Wimbledon, the women’s soccer or men’s basketball World Cup, along with Rosalia, “Game of Thrones” or the movie “Joker”, which has been the most sought after in the film and television category, a list led by the Mediaset programs “Big Brother Duo” and “Survivors”. “Eurovision”, which in other seasons has been more sought after, is in third position.

Globally, the terms with the highest growth in the Google search engine in 2019 have been cricket, with the matches of India against South Africa (first), Bangladesh against India (fourth), ICC Ckicket World Cup (tenth). Followed by late actor Cameron Boyce (second) and the iPhone 11 phone (fifth), among others.


1Rubalcaba2Camilo Sesto3Albert Rivera4María Jiménez5Rosalía6Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo7Arturo Fernández8Madonna9Santiago Abascal10Karl Lagerfeld

This year the search engine has also been used to ask us the “what” of many things, such as “what is shredded meat”, “what does vtc, cdr or ‘ontas’ mean” and “what is dana”. And the “when” “: when the time is changed, when the sales start or when Nadal plays. As for the most sought after personalities, characters who have died this year have led users to be interested in their lives such as Rubalcaba or Camilo Sesto, while other interesting figures have been Albert rivera -who has left politics after the elections and announced his future baby with the singer Malú- and, of course, the musical phenomenon of the year, Rosalía.


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