The pro-Trump “free speech” social platform GETTR has been available for about a month, and in that time Trump has not yet officially registered and many of his top verified accounts have been hacked.

To add another cap on its pen, GETTR can now also boast that it hosts jihadist content that has spread from hundreds of accounts since the beginning of July.

The content contains memes promoting violence against the West, anti-Trump memes, and even videos of beheadings. According to Politico, which covered the story, Jason Miller, a former Trump spokesman and GETTR CEO, claims ISIS was behind the accounts.

“The only ISIS members still alive are the keyboard warriors who hide in caves and eat dirt biscuits,” Miller tells Politico via text message.

While some of the initial content has been removed at this point, much of it still lives on the platform according to Politico and Moustafa Ayad, who serves as executive director of the Institute for Strategic Dialogue for Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

This is not the first “free speech” platform that has struggled to gain ground. Parler also tried the same, but due to the extreme amounts of unmoderated hate speech on the platform, he was bombarded from much of the internet. He’s back now, but he hasn’t seen the traction he received before.

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