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The Saboteur provided with official website


The Saboteur provided with official website

The last time we heard from The Saboteur was late last year, when developer Pandemic announced that this special game had been postponed. The Saboteur is still scheduled to be released before March 31, 2010 and today we get another sign of life, as the game has been provided with an official website.

The occupation of France by the ***** only plays a role in the background in The Saboteur. No storming of Normandy or if an elite soldier kills all the occupiers, no, because the story is about an ordinary Irish driver who is in Paris when Hitler starts the invasion. This kid, Sean, is simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

In the 3rd person environment you will get further with stealth and sabotage than just choosing the action. You are constantly trying not to be suspicious and to stay out of the attention of the *****. A “suspicion meter” tells you if the enemy will leave you alone, or if they immediately open fire when they see you. In the unlikely event that you do end up in a scuffle, you will rather use blunt blows and headbutts than technical attacks and breaking someone’s neck. After all, you are not a trained soldier.

Sean’s driver skills also come in handy, as you’ll be able to use a variety of vehicles on the streets of Paris. You will need it to stay out of the hands of the police. The plan of developer Pandemic applies here that you can use everything you see; sort of Grand Theft Auto style, but in the 1940s.

Another special aspect of The Saboteur is the “Will to Fight” system. As is known, the parts of the level that are still occupied will be colored black and white, devoid of any color and hope. However, as the liberation of a certain area progresses, that part of the level will turn color. The inhabitants regain hope and are willing to help in the resistance against the *****. The use of color will therefore not only be something visual, you will also actually get a difference in gameplay. In addition, you can also see the differently colored areas from the roofs of buildings. If you’re on the edge of an occupied and a liberated area, it’s also possible to cycle back and forth between black and white and color, with everything displayed in real-time.

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The Saboteur will be released on March 31, 2010 for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.