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“The Song”, Apple’s Christmas ad that shows the more human side of technology

“The Song”, Apple’s Christmas ad that shows the more human side of technology

Like every year, Apple has launched its typical Christmas ad with the intention of touching a chord

Apple already has us used to its usual Christmas announcement around this time, and this year has been no exception. Last year we could already see the ad “Misunderstood”, in which it was about highlighting family relationships, the warmth of the home at Christmas and, of course, all of this seasoned with different Apple products in the background. This time Apple has released “The Song”, another ad that will also try to strike a chord with us.

The ad tells the story of a young girl who listens to a song recorded on vinyl by her own grandmother. The girl then decides to learn the song using her guitar and using, of course, a Mac to record the song, probably through the Garageband program.

Finally, the young woman loads the song on the iPad and gives it to her grandmother as a Christmas present, causing him to get excited by evoking past times and good memories. The ad finally ends with the “Happy Holidays” message and the usual apple logo. Without a doubt, a good announcement that adds to a long list of great campaigns that Apple has carried out in recent years, especially when Christmas approaches.

This ad is part of the current campaign “a gift full of gifts”, the slogan chosen by Apple for this Christmas and that tries transmit the infinite possibilities that allow the gift of an iPhone, iPad or Mac during these dates. However, although the ad includes some Apple products (MacBook Air and iPad), its presence is practically secondary, since Apple’s intention at all times is to tell the story and provoke some kind of feeling in the viewer.


The ad is part of this year’s Christmas campaign: “a gift full of gifts”

As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, the general tone of the announcement is very similar to that presented by Apple in 2013, which on that occasion won an Emmy award for best ad of the year. Apple executive Phil Schiller has promoted the new ad “The Song” through his official Twitter account at the same time as he wishes us happy holidays.

Will Apple manage to win the award for best advertisement this year? At the moment, we will have to wait for the reaction of the people, although we personally have loved it. What do you think?